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How to Prepare for Medical Entrance Test?

Preparation for medical tests is one of the most challenging and intimidating task for aspirants. It is not easy and never will be. But you can always make it favourable with your preparation and tactics. It is never about difficult or easy; it is always about how you have done your preparations. If you are nicely prepared, even an extremely tough test would appear easy but if you are not prepared in a good way, you might find even an easy test challenging.

The point is everything lies in your preparation. Where to start from, should you begin with Online classes for medical preparation or is there something else too that you can start with? Well, it is all that you have to figure out. Different aspirants have their different strategies to deal with preparation and performance.There is no doubt that medicalentrance tests are hard to crack. These demand a lot of concentration, deep analysis of theory and effective practical work. Surrounded by all these things, it is not at all surprising to feel anxious and under tremendous burden. However, the main success tune is to calm yourself as you do preparation for your entrance exam. Actually, self-relaxation would be the right point to begin with.

Make a time table                                                              

Once you have started working on your stress levels, it is the time to   take the next steps. Make a time table that you would follow during your preparation. Once you have time table in hand, you would stay disciplined about your preparation. Nothing important would get missed and you would not feel any difficulty to carry out your preparation tasks every day. Time table is an effective tool in your toolbox to keep you going in the most prolific manner.

In case you are taking coaching to prepare for medical entrance test,the preparation timetable you have should be like this:

  • Study every single subject for at least two hours each day. You have the flexibility to make adjustment of the time as per your convenience. You can easily divide the time spent on every subject as 1 hour in the evening and 1 hour in morning.
  • You should spend minimum 1 hour in solving last coupled of year’s question papers for every subject.
  • Always take some rest after studying for one or two hours to keep you active and fresh. It would help you in focusing on your studies.

However, if you are not taking any type of coaching classes then you should increase your study time for every single subject to minimum three hours every day. You should solve as many practice tests as possible.Once you solve practice tests daily, you get a stronger grasp over everything.  You stay intact with every subject and the constant practice of so many questions keeps you confident and effective.


Thus, whether you take online medical coaching or not; you should start with a timetable. You can perform really well if you act sensibly and thoughtfully.