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Importance of Head-Massage

A head massage has a lot of advantage in our daily life. A massage therapy by a professional can often do wonders to our body. It not only keeps us healthy but also reduces stress to a great extent. It improves the blood circulation of the body. It is also believed to free our body and mind from negative energy as well. This is a therapy that people have been to known to have practiced since time unknown and people have definitely benefited from it. A head massage therapy is mainly an Ayurvediic form of relaxation and healing that is mostly used in Asian countries. Masseurs, head massagers and hair dressers do this to combat daily stress in their customers. Some benefits of a good head massage are as follows:

  • Head massage tends to stimulate our lymphatic system by detoxifying the body. The lymphatic system is wastage of our body. Waste from our body is excreted in the lymphatic system and this needs to be transferred to the lymph nodes to get rid of them. A good head massage is a wonderful way to drain the lymphatic nodes in order to boost our immunity system. It stimulates the flow of blood to our neck and thus, removes wastage from our body.
  • Migraine is a common problem that most people are suffering from in today’s world. Tensions in the upper back, head and neck can cause migraines. Migraines can lead to many other severe problems and cause difficulty in our daily life. A head massage effectively releases the muscles and knots by the pressure applied on certain areas stimulating the blood flow of the cerebral fluid. It reduces headaches, tension, sleep disturbances and also stress.
  • In today’s world, with our modern lifestyle come many health problems. Most common problem is dandruff. Exact cause of dandruff is unknown but a chief cause of dandruff is stress. A good dandruff shampoo conditioner can definitely help to reduce the dandruff but stress which is the main cause can be released with the help of a good head massage. A head massage will provide relief by fighting the physical symptoms and reduce issues like insomnia, stress and restlessness and relaxes our body.
  • Head massage plays a vital role in relaxing our body and also improves breathing. Many other issues such as allergies, bronchitis, and asthmacan be healed to a great extent with a proper head massage. The front and back muscles help in proper breathing when these muscles contract and expand. The above problems can restrict the movement of these muscles causing breathing problems. The techniques involved in head massages lengthen and also relaxes the muscles improving breathing.
  • A head massage improves blood circulation in the hair roots. It helps in opening up the blood vessels on our scalp. It also helps in reducing dandruff problems too. Ketomac shampoo benefits are numerous and it helps a lot in fighting dandruff. A head massage along with proper combing of the scalp will effectively help in removing dandruff from the scalp.