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Integrated PET-CT Scan and Use for Treating Cancer Patients

Integrated PET-CT scan procedure combines PET (Positron emission tomography), CT (Computed tomography) scan images that are performed simultaneously taking the assistance of same machine. Combined scan provides proper and in-depth understanding of the human body’s condition. A detailed picture is created by the CT scan of organs and tissues within the human body, while the PET Scan offers details of any kind of abnormality that is found in the organs and tissues. Combining both the scans will provide better results when compared to tests that are performed alone. The integrated PET-CT scan can be performed as diagnostic tool to detect cancer as well as to determine its stage. Test also can be directed to locate any specific area to evaluate effectiveness of ongoing cancer treatment or for biopsy purpose.

Medical team

The pet ct scan centre in Bangalore offering services generally are provided by nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and radiology department based of any imaging center or hospital. The test needs to be performed by radiologic or nuclear medicine technologist having sufficient years of experience or qualifications in perform gin various types of tests using PET scanners. Test report clarity and quality are crucial to reach specific diagnosis as well as report quality will depend vastly upon PET Scanner and technicians who can perform this test. Hence, integrated PET-CT scan services should be taken only from reputed and well established imaging center. Reports availed from such tests get interpreted by qualified radiologist or nuclear medicine physician.


Radioactive substances get introduced within the body through intravenous injection. Once injection is given, radioactive substance takes around 30-90 minutes to help reach the to-be scanned body parts. Depending upon the body parts to be scanned, contrast medium should also be given to the patients for CT scan. Patients are placed upon the table and scans are carried out sequentially, firstly CT and later PET scan.

What are integrated PET-CT scans all about?

Integrated PET-CT scans or Pet/CT scans are considered to be advanced and sophisticated medical imaging procedure that is quite effective to detect and diagnose cancer. 3D images are produced by PET scan of the different functions within the human body, while CT scan uses x-rays for producing images of the various parts of the internal body organs. Therefore, it combines both the images to observe easily and precisely the functions of particular body parts to study and diagnose.

How PET/CT Scanning can help cancer patients?

Diagnosing cancer has become more easier with PET/CT scans as it offers precise reports. Any condition is identified and diagnosed by integrated PET-CT scan which combines both CT and PET scan images and offers more detailed report. Computed Tomography actually offers detailed images of targeted organs or tissues of the body and Positron Emission Tomography helps to reveal abnormality conditions and functions taking place in the specific organs or tissues. These two scans when combined do offer much more clear, complete and comprehensive reports so as to diagnose as well as monitor cancer. Integrated test gets performed using similar machine simultaneously and is considered to be pain-free experience for the patients.

Detection and treatment of cancer

This highly advanced and sophisticated combined test is of great importance. It is used to detect and provide proper and thorough treatment for cancer patients. It is effective enough to pin-point the areas where cancer has originated and spread. Using this test, the qualified and experienced oncologists are able to view if abnormal cell functions and divisions have been taking place in any body part. Moreover, this particular diagnostic tool is being used to identify cancer’s exact stage that the person is suffering from. Getting to know the exact cancer stage is very much crucial for physicians. This helps them to provide patients with necessary treatments for the specific stage of cancer. It also assists them to predict recovery chances for the patient. Besides this, the test procedure is said to have a useful application, which is to locate the area required to undergo biopsy.

Other uses

Integrated PET-CT scans are used for other reasons for cancer treatment. It is possible to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the ongoing cancer treatment. this test is proven to be effective to identify the effects derived from the ongoing treatment as well as to determine very clearly the treatment’s future course. Through the test, effectiveness of radiation therapy or chemotherapy can be understood in cancer treatment. often, it is used to plan properly radiation therapy treatments necessary for the patient.

How the patient is to prepare for undergoing the Pet ct scan in Bangalore

If the person has been recommended to undergo PET-CT scan to diagnose cancer, then it becomes essential to ensure that only the best imaging center is selected for the purpose. A good and reliable imaging center is one that boasts of having qualified, experienced and talented technicians who understand the procedure very well. They should be in a better position to carry out CT and PET scans effectively, effortlessly and in the correct way as prescribed by the physician.

Things to follow

In order to get the best scanning results, the patient needs to adhere to the instructions provided by the doctor. Going through the guidelines given can make the procedure seem easy and quick, without involving hassles and not having to take a second session due to mistakes. Patients generally are recommended not to drink or consume anything for minimum 4 fours prior to taking the test.

Equally essential is that the physician needs to be well informed in advance about any type of medication that is being taken. This is crucial since some medications are not allowed to be taken before the scanning procedure. Those experiencing mild fever or headache should discuss it with the physician and find out the next course of action to be taken prior to starting addition medications. Again those allergic to some kind of medication should also inform the physician about in before the test. This way, the patient can ensure that the results obtained are precise, clear and help the physician to come to a proper and accurate conclusion for providing further treatment for cancer.