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What a knee Replacement Surgery is all about?

Knee surgery as the name suggests would mean the damaged weight bearing surface joints of the knees are replaced with artificial one. It does help people in resuming their routine activities and have gone on provide millions of people with a new lease of life. It has been estimated that nearly 90 % of people who have been part of this surgery had reported a significant improvement in functions of the knees.

Care provided by the hospital once surgery is over

  • Once the surgery is over on the first day you will be working with a physical therapist. Exercise will be taught to gain full movement of the knees along with the leg
  • Once you are the hospital you will be required to attend physical therapy once or two times in a day. At this point of time a nurse planner or an occupational planner will draw a comprehensive plan on your return home
  • Special socks could be provided so as to reduce the swelling

The recovery phase

  • It has to be stated that the recovery phase tends to vary from an individual to another. Normally you are able to use a walker 4 weeks once the surgery is over. In 2 to 4 weeks of time you can go on to drive a car
  • An individual can increase their scope of activities in due course of time. Sports like tennis or golf could be started in a few days’ time. Though it is not recommended that you indulge in active sports like jogging or single tennis
  • Once you are discharged there is no need for you to go back to the nursing room. If you are a patient who is living alone then a short trip at the rehab centre is necessary before you plan to leave the hospital. This is also dependant on how you progress and once again the treatment and recovery phase tends to vary from an individual to another.

Once your surgery is over you would need to be part of routine visits to your orthopaedic surgeon at frequent intervals of time. This could be in the time frame of 3 months to a year. The whole purpose of the visit is to figure out the status and function of the knee transplant. After the knee replacement you will be asked to refrain from activities in the form of

  • Not lifting too much weight
  • Physical activities in the form of climbing stairs is to be avoided
  • Being healthy and active all the time

Knee replacement surgery hospital in India provides you with the best of treatments at affordable costs. The overall quality of life improves by leaps and bounds. Patients who normally seek this form of treatment have experienced a disconcerting pain in the knees.

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