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Learn Various Types of Washers in Washing Machine

All washing machines are designed to perform the same job, i.e., to wash clothes. Though on the outer level, all washing machines look the same but when you dive into its details, you will find that there are different types of washers present in the market. To find the appropriate washing machine for your use, you need to understand the differences in these washers.

How is a top load washing machine different from the front load machine?

The major difference between these two types of washing machines is the placement of the door. Where in top load washing machines, clothes are loaded from the top region, in front load washing machines, clothes are fed from the side door. There are a few more differences between both these models.


A front load Whirlpool washing machine comes without any agitator. It makes use of paddles that are located at the sides of the drum. Front load washing machines are gentler on the clothes as compared to the top load machines.


There are several models of LG top load machines at lower prices than front load ones.


A top load washing machine that comes with an agitator has more space requirements. Front load machines mostly have the capacity to take larger loads.

Power consumption

Since a front load machine can easily handle larger loads, you require fewer washes and save significant amount of money in the longer run.

Water requirement

For a proper clothes wash, front load machines use less quantity of water than its top loading counterparts.

Space requirement

Some of the top load machines are designed to be narrower. This makes it easier to efficiently fit a top load washing machine in a small space.

Semi-automatic washing machine Vs fully automatic washing machine

After understanding the difference between top load and front load, you need to learn about another important functionality in washing machines, i.e., fully-automatic and semi-automatic washing machines.

Semi-automatic machine:

In this type of machine, there are separate tubs for the drier and the washer. There are 2 separate timers that allow setting drying and washing times. In order to wash your clothes, you will need to put them in the wash tub, add adequate amount of detergent and water and set the timer. After a specified time period your machine will stop. You can now take out your clothes and then dry them in the sun.

Fully automatic machine:

In the case of a fully automatic machine, you will find only 1 tub that performs 3 in 1 purpose of washing, rinsing and drying. On the basis of the number or weight of clothes, this machine takes into it appropriate amount of detergent and water automatically.

It also has a built-in functionality to set the timer for washing and drying of clothes. All you need is to provide the water supply, fill the storage container with detergent and insert your clothes. Rest of the processing will be done by the washing machine itself.


When it comes to washing of clothes, everyone’s requirement can be different. It is important to learn about your washing requirements and the features of different washers to find the best one for your job.

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