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Lohri: Famous Festival Of North India

Lohri is the famous festival celebrated in North India. This festival is celebrated by the people of Punjab and Haryana state. In the state of Punjab, there is an official gazetted holiday. Every year this festival falls on 13th of January and primarily celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus from Punjab region of India. People believe that this festival is celebrated the passing winter also.

On the occasion of Lohri people send happy Lohri Shayari to loved ones. It is the best time when families sit together to sing their traditional songs. The night before the Makar Sankranti, the festival of Lohri is celebrate also called magh also. According to the Bikrami calendar, Lohri festival falls on the same date every year i.e 13th January.

The festivals also mark the celebration of sowing the rabi crop, its celebrate the arrival of a new month and the new season. Bonfire is the main part of the Lohri festival because worship the fire is the main tradition followed by the people on Lohri festival. People believe that bigger the bonfire bigger the Lohri celebration.

At the day of Lohri small children visit door to door singing Lohri song and ask sweets and money. One of the famous Lohri songs is “Sundar mundriye ho! Tera kaun vicharaa ho! Dulla Bhatti wala ho!”. Dhulla Bhatti was one of the famous characters like Robin Hood. People believe that Dhulla Bhatti was the boy who arranged poor girls marriages with boys with Hindu rituals and provided them a dowry.  He was the hero of all Punjabis, by singing his songs on Lohri festival, Punjabi people give tribute to him.  

In the evening of the festival people lighten up the bonfire and family, friends and neighbors stand around it, do parikrama and offer prayers to the flames of a bonfire. People offer mungfali, ghajak, reveri, popcorns to the Agni. People believe that fire of Lohri indicates the spark of life and good will prayers and abundant crops. They also sing their folk songs and perform their traditional dance. At the night they have their traditional dinner included Makki Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag.

People celebrate Lohri with great enthusiasm as they believe that this is the festival of Joy, people actively celebrated in the dancing held around the bonfire. People celebrate the festival of the Lohri till late night.

We hope that the festival of Lohri brings joy and happiness for you. Wish you all happy Lohri in advance.

Happy Lohri Quotes

Enjoy this Lohri to the fullest and don’t forget to put Rewri, moongfali and popcorns in the Lohri fire. This will definitely bring good luck for you.

The sound of dhol is in the air, so dance to beats and share and care, May the rythms keep you always happy this I wish for you on Lohri! Happy Lohri.

Ring out the cold… the old and the sad… ring in the warmth and love of the season… hope and cheerfulness… within you Happy Lohri!

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