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How to Maintain Good Hair Naturally

When you think about having healthy hair it has a lot to do with your regular habits. It is not true that one has to take immense care and spend long hours to take care and maintain good hair condition. It naturally comes out if one follows some basic good habits.

One can follow some beauty hair tips in Hindi on a regular basis to get shiny and happy hair in return.

Healthy diet is a very important key to healthy hair. If you eat healthy, your hair will definitely grow strong. One should include a lot of protein and iron in their regular diets so that one can have a hassle free digestion system. If one has indigestion and liver problem, it leads to massive hair fall. One needs to eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables along with soya beans, cheese and fish to get a strong and shiny hair in return.

Oil is also very crucial for hair treatment, as they have a lot of nutrients and minerals. Olive oil is the best for damaged and rough hair.  Warm half a cup of olive oil and then apply it thoroughly on your hair. Wrap it with a towel and keep it for an hour. Then wash it away with a shampoo. Do not forget to use conditioner after the shampoo is done. Let your hair dry naturally after that.

Buy a shampoo which is absolutely sulphate free and those which are made specifically keeping in mind the damaged hair. Go for a conditioner which is light and belong to the same brand as that of the shampoo. It is said, using the same brand is always good. Natural product enriched shampoos and conditioners are good for damaged hair. Once in a while you can also rinse your hair with vinegar before shampooing. It is better to use apple cider vinegar for hair. It treats dandruff problems and also makes the scalp clear and dirt free.

If you have oily hair, have a table spoon of cornmeal or corn starch poured in a sprinkler and keep sprinkling on your hair till it ends. After a couple of minutes comb your hair with a brush well. This can be used every day to see the amazing result in a week.

Do not comb your hair immediately after wash. Let it dry naturally. This is because; wet hairs are more prone to breaking. Use a wide mouthed brush as they are able to comb the strands carefully from root to tip.

Do not wash your hair with water every day. If you do that, the roots of your hair tend to get loose and as a result, more hair fall happens. Try to wash it every alternative day and use a mild shampoo while washing. Comb wet hair carefully because; they are very fragile and tend to break. Use a broad toothed comb so that it is easy to brush from root to the end.

One can get beauty tips Hindi hair in some beauty magazines and consider following them.

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