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Make Your Travel Website Mobile Friendly to Improve SEO

Summer is the best time to get rid of your regular boring lifestyle and enjoy a safe and sound vacation with family and friends. We all love to take this break and travel around the world with full of joy. But, this article belongs to them who help us to plan our trip through their online travel booking service. Yes, I’m talking about the travel website owners.

Make Your Travel Website Mobile Friendly to Improve SEO

In online travel guide or booking business, there is a vast competition among the service providers and they all are good and affordable to avail. Now the question is, how could you come-up at the top position in ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to make your business more popular and generate some healthy amount of yearly revenue at the end of the year?

There are two options for you to resolve your issues with search ranking. You can hire an SEO professional for travel portal to get your job done or you can do it yourself by following some valuable points while designing and promote your travel website.

One of the best and important factors to make your website popular and handy among your customers is to make it mobile-friendly. This is 2018 and everyone likes to have all their needs in their mobile phones. This is the current trend to make all the services mobile friendly to comfort the targeted audiences. So, if you want your website get visited by millions of travelers then you must have to follow the points below.

Responsive Web-Design

You need to make your website easy-to-use from any types of devices for your visitors by using responsive website designing techniques. Travelers are always exited when they search for booking offers or hotels. If your website take plenty of times to open then it’ll be tough for you to cope-up with.

Reduce Page Loading Time

You have to be careful about your webpage loading time to save your visitor’s time because there is a big chance of loses patience and leave. It’ll be perfect if it takes less than five seconds to open. It’ll be better if you can use AMP format for speed-up your page loading times.

Image Optimization

Images are the biggest matter for a travel website. You need to decorate your website with clear and attractive images of hotels, rooms, landscapes and more to show your ability. But, always remember, the less your file size, the faster your page loads to display them.

Text and Font

It is better to avoid small text in your web pages and you need to choose a unique and eye-catching font to make your website more attractive.

Avoid Flash Animation

Flash is the most essential element to make your website looks better for you customers, but you need to place it SEO-wise. If it can be used properly then it’ll increase your SEO performance.

Unnecessary Elements

Never use unnecessary elements in your website to catch attention of travelers. Always try to stuff your website with valuable information and offers.

Making a travel website mobile-friendly is not a tough job but whenever you are trying to get rank in search engine then it’ll cost some extra effort on design part. That is why, this post is going to help you a lot to make a perfect travel website for your audience.

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