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How to Manage Multiple Properties Efficiently?

Solid investment and durable income comes from a rental property only if managed precisely. Second-hand borrowers and primary investors can own approximately five to ten homes under particular eligibility, underwriting and delivery requisites.As long as you take proactive measure, qualifying for loan while owning multiple properties is possible but not a cinch!

Managing real estate companies in Sharjah seems one heck of a challenge but the end rewards of expansion and minting money balances almost everything. Mission isn’t to compromise over integrity or tenants will likely switch ships. It’s your responsibility to keep the properties functioning for as long as possible.

Outstanding filing system

Yours should be a robust documenting system to track all leases, relevant transactions and other paperwork involved with multiple real estate. Maintain a separate file for each ensuring thing aren’t messed of jumbled up!

Software applications for desktop computers and smart devices are there to cater property owners, thus effectively manage all the dealings. Not only basic to sophisticated processing but tracking and storage are also easy.

Use relevant computing tools instead of relying on traditional ways as the last thing you want to hear is tenant complaining about wrong papers.

The template plan

Adapt to as many template plans as possible for each property type, it’ll also provide a crucial roadmap on how to effectively administer while keeping them separate. Customizable templates are available readily online that you can either purchase or download for free.

Pick a different theme for each real estate to avoid confusion such as number of amenities/units on a property, financial dealings, construction blueprints or map. Areas of maintenance, owner contact details, survey chart so on must be aligned separately.

Updating regular contractors

Next step is to make regular contractors acquainted with entire property setup. You need faster and maintenance especially with the basics like painting, plumbing, electricity flow and wiring, sewerage system and safety measures. Streamline list of process hence saving time for other maintenance tasks. Bulk contracting with a single party might give you discount multiple services so why not take advantage!

The incongruent rules

Contracting rules tend to vary from a country, city and even between different properties. Let’s say yours is one of real estate companies in Sharjah dealing with many different units, each property is poles-apart when comparing amenities, interior space, sell/lease cost and more. Fail to realise these facts would hamper your ability to effectively manage even a single property. Learn in-detail about state laws from agencies or simply enrol in certificate courses now offered by many educational institutions worldwide.

Audit & limitations

Stay on top of the pricing and other rental factors only possible with frequent auditing. Be perceptive of the big picture and see where and how rents should be with lease designs. The term “one size fits all” isn’t at all for real estate so avoid the trap.


Careful understanding of the operations of real estate companies in Sharjah as well as critical tips and tricks of the industry would surely help in dealing with multiple properties.

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