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We now live in a society where people are encouraged to accept the way they are, and for the modeling industry, this means everyone can now become a model. This isn’t the whole way true, but in the past years, we can see the expansion of plus size models. It is great for people who are plump, chubby or even those who are much larger in size, but it also means that there will be fewer jobs from people that invested a lot of time and effort in their body.

Still, many people think that there are strict rules you have to follow in order to succeed in this industry. There are some tips you should follow that will allow you to have higher chances than others, but there are also many prejudices about it. You should inform yourself about every market and see what it actually takes to become successful in it. A lot of information about it you can get from agencies, you can click for Modeling Grand Rapids or find a local agency in your city.

Myths about the Height                                     

One of the biggest myths that you can hear as a kid is that you have to be tall to be a model. You probably heard that people tell someone that they would be a great model because they are tall, but this isn’t the main factor that agencies are looking for. A bad thing is when people tell you that you can’t make it if you are a shorter person.

The reality is that it is preferable that you are at least 5’9, but some of the most famous people that are doing this job are shorter. There are many other reasons they can pick you. You can check on the internet about Kate Moss which is one of the best professionals in the industry with a height at 5’6.

The other reason why this isn’t so important is that there are many types of modeling jobs you can do. A lot of them are doing commercial work where you don’t need to have a general type, you just need to fill out the position they need.

Skinny Models

Back in the days, companies supported more women that are skinnier which represented health and beauty. Every woman wanted to have a tiny waist. This myth is still going around, but times change quickly and now it is just the opposite. We have people that use all kinds of methods to cut down the weight in order to have perfect measures to get into a dress.

Plus size models are very supported in our era, and you can see them on magazine cover everywhere. There are many prejudices about this theme, but even if it can be unhealthy they are also investing time and effort to keep those curves. The main problem isn’t about their health the real problem is that they have to do what the market wants. So, if the market needs models with curves more professionals will go towards that goal. This can affect the industry in a bad way because they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

Glamorous Job

It would be wrong if someone says that the modeling profession is full of hard work as you can see at mining, but saying that the lifestyle is fabulous is also wrong. There is a lot of dedication behind it because you are living a certain lifestyle which means you need to care about what you eat how you train and organizing your day is very important.

The reason we see it as a glamorous job is that of TV, but that is just a minority of models. The larger number of other professionals is working hard to get to that place. Sometimes your job will last a whole day with a lot of rehearsing and trying out clothes while looking fresh. This isn’t that easy to manage and there is no place for mistakes because your job always depends on it. Read more on this page.

A Proper Diet

There is an assumption that models don’t eat anything in order to get a great physique. Many of them fail their careers because they misuse this information and damage their body with bad nutrition. Because you have to stand for many hours and constantly trying clothes with a workday that can last more than 10 hours, you need a good meal, so your body can handle the pressure. You can eat a lot, but you just need to eat healthily.

Clothing to Wear

It would be great if you can wear clothes from some major brands like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, or Vera Wang. If you work with these brands your check will probably be large and you can meet some famous celebrities, but these clothes you should wear on the runway is special. If you are promoting some brand online they will probably give you some clothes, but that isn’t a must.

When it comes to large runways, you won’t be able to keep the clothes famous designers made. There are some special cases where a certain model stands out from others and a designer wants to give them a symbol of gratitude, but that doesn’t happen often.


There is no doubt that most of the models are generally beautiful. Most of them have a perfect face, perfect body, and gestures. There is a certain type that agents are looking for, but that doesn’t mean that they are generalizing things and a person needs to have a certain type of hair, body, or eyes. It means something different and that’s uniqueness.

In order to make it on a big scene, you need to be unique. There are great examples like people with certain flaws that made a great career like Tyra Banks with a high forehead. Most famous thick eyebrows are a signature of Cara Delevingne. Designers and agencies are great at their job at making something look glamorous. Perfection doesn’t exist, so you need to be unique with a strong attitude.