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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – How to Get Extra Value

For any business that decides to implement a CRM system it is a serious decision and also an expensive one, even for the simplest implementations. So if your business has embarked on using a CRM system then you want to get the best value from it.

A CRM system is so much more than a customer database and if used to its fullest capability across the whole organisation then it will undoubtedly contribute to an increase in productivity, it will help reduce errors and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

But just exactly how can you get extra value from Microsoft Dynamics?

Get Some Training

Microsoft Dynamics is an incredibly powerful system so everyone using it will require some form of training to get the most value from it. It may be tempting to just try and start using it and learn my trial and error but that’s no wy to get the best from any system.

It is important that all people who are part of the sales process and involved in using M/S Dynamics are also provided with suitable sales training, This should cover not simply the practical aspects of how to use this particular CRM system but also ensure that they fully understand the underlying reasons behind why the system is being used and what the benefits are.

Tailor the system to your business

There is plenty of helpful advice available from all sorts of reputable resources on how to run a business and a sales teambut most well-established businesses will have a certain set of processes that they have used or developed over the years. These processes and procedures are ones that all staff members are familiar with  and ones that work for the company.

For that reason systems such as Microsoft Dynamics enable users to extend its functionality by adding apps for specific purposes such as social media marketing, email marketing etc. For the many sales teams using the SCOTSMAN commitment measuring technique thereis also an app available to seamlessly integrate this functionality into your favourite CRM system.

Automate your sales pipeline

As you would expect from a Microsoft product their Dynamics CRM integrates with Office so you can create and modify documents from within the CRM interface. This has two advantages: one, you can keep all your documentation for a particular client in one place so you can easily monitor the status of each prospect; and secondly, you minimise mistakes when you don’t have to transfer data between systems. And, additionally, admin tasks then take up less time so productivity goes up too.

Go mobile

Microsoft Dynamics, as you would expect, has a mobile optionso sales professionals can access the data they need wherever they are, whilst travelling, at a client site and even at home. One of the main advantages of the mobile interface is when sales professionals visit clients they can then immediately log details of the meeting while it is still fresh in their mind, and so avoid misunderstandings or confusion. This helps maintain an accurate record of all interactions between the client and your organisation.

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