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Why Mirror Glass Is So Significant

The human beings are very attractive towards reflection since the very first time when Narcissus was fascinated with his own reflection in a stream of water. From then to now we are using reflection as our fantasies as fairy tales and some special powers coming from the mirror. In 1600s mirrors were the thing rulers of the era were supposed to use.

The fascination of reflection leads us to the creation of mirror, the type of glass that can reflect in such a way that we can see ourselves through know as mirror glass. The mirror glass is basically a glass that can reflect in such a way to ease our lives, used in many places for productive outcomes.

There is a process involved which convert a casual glass into mirror glass. In ancient times people used man made the mirror, those mirrors were not basically made up of glass. Rather they tried making a reflective surface of metals in use. They used to polish the surface making it highly reflective and use as a mirror.

Now a day’s many methods are used to convert a simple glass into mirror glass. Let me explain few of them. The most commonly used method is by using aluminum and the resultant mirrors are called aluminum glass mirrors. In this method glass surfaces is exposed to vapors of aluminum then this is two times coated with paint that protect it and make it waterproof.

Another method is by using a coat of silver instead of aluminum vapors and then coat two layers of waterproof paint. The resultant mirror of this method is known as the low aluminum glass mirror.

With the advancement of technology everything is getting more and more advanced, so how can the glass industry lack behind. Other than a number of advantages of glass there is a big threat of death as a result of injury caused by breakage of a mirror. So, as a result of this, a new form of glass was on the hit. The so-called safety glass which almost eliminates the serious injuries. The mirror glass made of this glass is called safety glass mirrors and the process involved in the addition of a protective layer of special adhesive material at the back of aluminum glass mirror or silver glass mirror. This thing makes the glass much more attractive to use as even after the breakage it will not cause any injury leading to death.

Mirrors are best for decorations and home decors, add extra beauty and a sense of freshness where places other than this mirrors also have many other advantages too. Mirrors are available in three different shapes which are very advantageous in many domains.

Most widely used the shape of the mirror is a plan shape of the mirror. It reflects the same size and shape of the object forming the image called virtual image. They are used in daily routine in furniture, wall mirrors and almost everywhere.

A convex or curved mirror is another shape of the mirror as the name implies these mirrors are curved, the curve in the center of the mirror make the things appear closer than the actual distance. These mirrors are used as computer monitors, as guiding mirrors in big hallways and as passenger mirrors in cars.

Concave mirrors are used to focus light at one point and show images depending upon the distance between them. These mirrors are used as telescope mirrors and in daily life, they are used as beauty mirrors that help in applying makeup and for shaving, hair styling and many more.

So mirrors not only fascinate us but also help us a number of places of our daily routine.

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