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New Moms – Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash from Home

You don’t have to be going out to work to bring money in.

Having a new baby is one of the most testing times financially. From diapers to food and clothes it can add an additional couple of hundred dollars to your monthly budget. And that’s before you even get to the stage when you have a toddler demanding more toys or a teenager wanting a smart phone.

So, it’s always a good idea to look for ways to make extra cash at this stage. After all you don’t want your kids to drive you into debt or a situation where you may need a bad credit loan in order to borrow or loans with no credit check. Luckily you don’t have to go too far out of your way to earn that extra cash that will make all the difference.

Take polls and surveys

There are plenty of organisations that will pay you for your views and opinions – and you can give them all online. As a new parent you’re part of a demographic that is very valuable to companies and marketers and you can get paid for just telling them what you think. A quick online search for “online polls and surveys” will bring up plenty of options.

Use your existing skills to teach

Teaching and tutoring on a part time basis are a very easy way to make additional money with hours that you can work around your new responsibilities. From giving music lessons to providing math support for school students, there are lots of different ways to sell your current skills to help others learn.

Have a clear out

In between feeds and playtime and all of the moments when your attention is in demand you might have a few quiet times that give you the opportunity to start clearing things out. If you’ve become rather a hoarder then now is the perfect time to look at what you’ve collected in the years when you didn’t stop to think about it. But don’t throw everything out just yet. Before you give it all to the trash man, look at what you might be able to sell on or swap. Old clothes, furniture and furnishings could make you money via an auction site like eBay and there are plenty of organisations that will pay you for old electronics they can recycle. You might also look into items you can swap – swap that old wardrobe for a second hand buggy and save yourself some cash at the same time.

Become a blogger or a social influencer

It’s a fairly tall order to just “become” a blogger or influencer overnight. However, the new parent market for social media and blog content is huge. Others genuinely want to know about your experiences, tips and trials – and if you can find a new or interesting way to package this up then you could be a great success. The money making angle from this comes when your site or profile is successful enough to attract advertisers (which could be faster than you think).

Sell your photos

If you have the baby on your back and a camera around your neck then you could make a little extra cash each day from your snaps. Sell them to sites like Shutterstock and you could make between 25 cents to $120 per image.

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