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Do and Do Not’s In Terms of Cleaning During Pregnancy

To smack a food item  is common , deep cleaning during pregnancy of your body and surroundings are also expected. Before you spot in a pair of yellow gloves, be aware of the dos and do not’s as far as cleaning evolves.

Things to follow

Rely on all natural cleaners

Most of the cleaners are indeed safe to be used during the course of pregnancy. If the smell of a product makes you feel nausea or it is too harsh, or if the solutions irritate your skin, then it is better to switch over to an all natural solution. Sometimes expecting mothers who are worried about chemical exposure may go on to opt for natural cleaners. For example homemade cleaners like soda or baking soda might work wonders. When at the store look for eco friendly or natural products as far as cleaning products are concerned.

A pair of gloves

In generally terms, the immune system is not that strong during the course of pregnancy. It is observed that the environmental  irritants or minor bugs might be bothering you. A face mask or a pair of gloves could protect you from the harsh elements.


Switch on the fan or open the windows. When there is a breathe of fresh air that comes in you feel comfortable and limit your exposure to outside fumes. If you feel that you would need to get outside when your partner is cleaning the house, then please do it.

Things not to follow

The oven should not be deep cleaned.

A small area to be cleaned along with harsh chemicals makes it hard to ventilate a no to go area in pregnancy. It is better to hand it over to your partner or a professional.

Scrub mold

There are certain type of mold that contributes to numerous health problems. There is no clear evidence to point mold exposure to any form of pregnancy risks, it is worthwhile to exercise some distance. If there is no choice and you would need to clear the mold, then a pair of gloves or a face mask may restrict the exposure to spores.

May or may not be

Lifting of weights is an important aspect of a healthy pregnancy. It might surprise you that lifting heaps of weights down the stairs is a healthy way to undertake some form of strength training. The key point to consider here is that the doctor should approve the health plan. If the chances of a high risk pregnancy are on the higher side, the doctor may not recommend you to lift heavy weights during pregnancy. If it is clear that you would need to exercise, then lifting of a laundry hamper will not be a bad idea at all.

To conclude cleaning body during pregnancy should be undertake with a lot of caution. If you are mopping your home, extra pressure could be put on your abdomen and this could trigger it. It is suggested that you delegate the tasks that makes you uncomfortable.

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