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Our Obligation Towards Environment

Our earth is like a necklace and the plants, animals and humans are its pearls which enhance its beauty. We all have something common for which we have equal rights- “Our earth and our environment”. Human beings, animals, plants, atmosphere and everything around us together form the environment. We are blessed with a lot of natural resources which are gifts from nature and it is our obligation to keep these gifts carefully.

5 June “The Environment Day” is a day to give a threshold to people that they must focus on current environmental conditions and take care of their environment. Now-a-days, the state of our environment doesn’t look good to notice but is very mandatory to notice. Human beings themselves have exploited their- “oh so beautiful presents” and are not giving attention to the on-way repercussions of their doings. The deforestation,

the forest fires, the air pollution from the vehicles and chimneys, the water pollution from factories, the soil pollution from other wastes, the global warming, the unnecessary hunting, the land degradation – the evil mind behind all this is of humans. Humans are immensely crazy for their comfort and are giving rise to such menaces.

Various hazards like flood, earthquake etc. are happening continuously which is a threat to humans but we cannot ignore that all these are the aftermath of activities of humans as well. The air is contaminated, the oceans are filled with plastic, the global warming is rising above the limits, then these hazards are the only corollaries human can get in return. Humans are welcoming their doom for sure but are also disturbing the lives of animals and plants.

Plants and animals are also living beings, they too get effected by these climatic changes though they have no fault. By the grace of almighty humans are the one who can do almost everything on this planet but the sad thing is rather than taking care of environment humans are continuously disturbing it. On the other hand, the plants and animals always contribute good to environment even though they are not able as humans and are still facing the repercussions of human’s wrong activities.

It is very essential to bring out few environmental changes all over for the

betterment of various lives here. Anyhow humans are the one who can do something for the wellness of environment. Every human is having a reasoning ability, so it’s time to think, go ahead and implement the initiatives. Humans must promise themselves to take good care of the environment not only on environment day but every day, thus save their and others lives and maintain the beauty of earth.

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