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Pallavi Chhelavda Talks on Vastu Tips to Get Good Job

The ancient Indian science of architecture, VastuShastra holds true even today. It’s a dynamic form of study, which deals with balancing the positive and negative energies of a place and seeks to highlight the positive energy, which will help in leading a sustainable. While most of it is based on arrangements and alignments in specific directions and placing objects which enhance the energy of the place, but it has a greater impact in our life, transcending just the place. Vastu plays a crucial role in shaping our life and its direction. Pallavi Chhelavda has explained with her wide horizon of knowledge.

Career forms the core of our life. Without it, we can’t imagine a sustainable life. While this is clear to all of us, what isn’t clear is the impact of vastu in our career. A good career starts with getting a good job and it’s here where the vastu comes in. Vastu helps in getting a good job by just implementing certain things. So here are some crucial tips to get vastu right.

  • Take care of the north-east direction

As always the north and the east forms an essential part of VastuShastra. These are zones which enhance the energy flow of the system. In this case, the north-east direction is of paramount importance as it has an impact in getting you the job of choice. Placing water bodies such as like fountains, pots, vases, jars etc. in this zone gives it a synergy, which makes way for a greater good.

  • Keep in mind your posture

Posture is another thing, which is crucial in Vastu. Not just in Vastu, having a good upright posture while sitting and walking enhances your personality. It makes you look more confident and you feel you will be able to do it. This impresses the interview committee and they, in fact, might hire you because of this confident attitude. Coming back to vastu part, sitting upright isn’t enough, sitting with proper hand and leg alignment is pivotal. According to vastu sitting cross-legged is bad for the flow energy and hence it can hamper your job prospects. So don’t sit cross-legged while you are in an interview or waiting for one. Also, positioning yourself in the exact chair is essential in Vastu. Try to sit on high chairs, which enhance your look and personality. This is good for vastu and energy flow.

  • Bring some hope to your house

This part of Vastu deals with being hopeful and optimistic. This includes placing certain things, which bring good luck and prosperity.  A statue of laughing Buddha near the entrance, metallic wind chimes etc. builds up the atmosphere of home. Place the wind chime in the north-east direction to get maximal benefits.

  • Upkeep of your valuables

Last but not the least,  Pallavi Chhelavda indulges in the correct upkeep of your valuables according to Vastu. Don’t place them anywhere in the house. Store them in the south-western direction in such a way that door of the closet or the safe opens in the northern direction. This will maintain the energy flow in the house and lead to good actions and thoughts. All this making way for a job prospect.

So, if you are looking for a job make sure keep these mind. Also, get a sound sleep and face the east while sleeping.

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