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The popular carpet fibres of India

Keeping a carpet at house or at the official space is a very fashionable thing these days. That is why; people always end to buy a carpet when they try to decorate a space. Keeping a carpet can actually change how a room looks. It adds to the aesthetic quotient of the space.

There are many carpet exporters in India who deals with the best varieties of carpets and one can choose from them. But before buying one, an individual should check the carpet quality that they are buying. Now, the question is how to determine a carpet quality. Well, there are a lot of factors that are needed to be considered here. The primary ones are to check the weight, fibre construction, fibre type and density of the carpet. Also one needs to choose the carpet depending on what purpose they want to use it. If it is for domestic purpose then there are certain light weight carpets that one can go for but for commercial purpose one should go for the heavier varieties.


While buying, checking the weight of the carpet is very important. It is pretty evident from the fibres. The more fibres present in the carpet, the heavier the carpet becomes. Also the heavier it is, the better it is. So one knows how to check it.

Fibre Types

Well, the quality and durability of a carpet always depends on the fibre that has been used in it. The most common types of fibres available in carpet weaving are wool, blends, polyester, nylon and olefin. Also the pricing of the carpet also depends on the carpet.

  • Nylon

This is a very popular type of fibre used in carpet weaving and carpet manufacturing. In most of the available regular carpets, there is usage of 60 percent of nylon. When they are manufactured, dye is added so that it can produce a variety of colours.they are resistant to wear and tear and also they are highly durable. But they are mostly not stain repelling. It is also not advisable to keep them under strong sun light for a long time as it can fade quickly.

  •  Olefin

This fibre again is not as resilient as nylon but they are less likely to fade. This ia very string fibre and is ideal for outdoor carpeting. It is resistant to mild dews and moulds. But they are not comfortable enough to walk on with bare feet.

  • Polyester

They are very much popular as a carpet fibre. This is also a very cost effective option for those who want a carpet but have budget issues. They are more likely to show fade and damage. It has a soft feel though.

  • Acrylic

This is not very widely used fibre when it comes to carpet manufacturing. But they mostly provide the feel of a woollen carpet.

  • Wool

This is the most expensive fibre used to make a carpet. It is a natural fibre.

The carpet suppliers in India deals with almost all the fibre types mentioned above.

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