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Remove dandruff permanently with Ketomac Shampoo

Dandruff is a very common and persistent problem of the scalp which is produced by a fungus.  People generally use the shampoos available in the market to remove dandruff but the ordinary shampoos fail to remove dandruff permanently.  It is very important to understand how dandruff forms on the scalp in order to remove it effectively.  Most of the dandruff problems originate from dirty scalp and hair.  People tend to ignore health hygiene due to the busy schedule and often let their hair dirty and weight.  This type of hair draws pollutants And the fungus responsible for the spread of dandruff thrive in the dirty and wet scalp and hair.

Some other causes can be identified for the spread of dandruff.  Stress is considered as one of the major reason for dandruff and people who are constantly exposed to tension and stress have a tendency to develop dandruff.  Many people also have hormonal imbalance problems and a weak immune system, which are other important causes of dandruff. Dandruff is not a very serious problem and can be treated with medicated shampoos. Anti dandruff  ketomac shampoo is very effective to remove dandruff permanently and easily available in the market.

How to use   ketomac shampoo                                                     

The scalp should be properly cleaned regularly with shampoo and it is the first step to effectively remove dandruff.  Ketomac shampoo is generally prescribed by the medical practitioners to remove dandruff.  The ketomac shampoo contains ketoconazole, which is an effective ingredient to stop the spread of dandruff and ultimately removing it from the hair and scalp.

The ketoconazole shampoo available in various brand names and ketomac is one of the popular anti-dandruff shampoos available in India.  The ketomac shampoo is available in the online platforms and it is very easy to buy ketomac shampoo from their website also.  Ketomac shampoo can be found in general stores Anywhere in India.

2% ketoconazole is present in the anti-dandruff shampoos and ketoconazole is considered as a very powerful antifungal component.  The ketoconazole directly attacked the cell membrane of dandruff causing fungus and successfully create holes in those cell membranes. As a result, the fungus becomes inactive and slowly dies. In this way, the anti-dandruff shampoos containing ketoconazole is very effective to stop the growth of dandruff on the scalp and hair and after repeated usage, effectively remove dandruff completely.

The ketomac shampoos the must be applied on the hair and scalp by following the instructions given by the medical practitioner.   The instructions to apply ketomac shampoo are also written on the level of the shampoo bottle and they must be followed while applying ketomac shampoo. The shampoo you must be applied in a little amount on hair and scalp and gently massage for 5 to 10 minutes.  The larger is required to be kept on the scalp for another 10 minutes before washing with cold water.  If the condition is severe then the shampoo can be applied twice a day.  If the routine is followed for at least two weeks, dandruff can be removed effectively. After the removal of dandruff, ketomac shampoo can be applied once or twice in a month as directed by the general practitioner.