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Residential fans for homes: Know the different types used

Any typical home is likely to require using fans of different types. This is to enable comfortable and relaxed living. There are present different rooms in the home and each of them does require different ventilation and cooling requirements. Besides ceiling fans, the home does require much more!

Residential fan type and their benefits

  • Table top fans: It has become a norm across the globe in households and commercial establishments to use ceiling fans. Table top fans do help to serve special purpose. There does exist several reasons to install one in the home. Some of the key benefits offered by table top fans are given below:
    • They are portable and lightweight, easy to be carried around, be it to rooftops, gardens, balconies or other rooms.
    • They can be used in those rooms where it is not possible to install ceiling fans.
    • Its oscillation feature allows it to cover larger area. In case, there is outdoor get-together, then these can be used to make the larger group to feel comfortable.
  • Exhaust fans: The residential type of exhaust fans are used to improve ventilation in the bathroom, kitchen and living space. Some of the benefits offered are as follows:
    • Eliminates smoke and odors quickly, improves breathability conditions of the home.
    • Eliminates excess moisture amount present in air, especially around bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Maintains air circulation to create comfortable indoors.
    • They are a must have in every home.
  • Ceiling fans: They can be found in almost every home in developed and developing nations. It will be wise to select a good branded ceiling fan which will match perfectly the specific needs. Irrespective of the home having heating and cooling devices, they are an absolute must. They can help to improve overall comfort levels of the room by reducing temperatures and also air circulation. Few benefits offered are as follows:
    • They can enhance air conditioner efficiency. It will only mean more savings and comfort.
    • It will add to room aesthetics. There are limitless options to choose from with regards to size, designs and colors to complement the room’s overall décor.
    • They are also much safer for children since they are fixed at the roof and beyond the reach of small children. Also wires do not run on the floor, making it completely safe for everyone.
    • They also cover larger area and offer efficient cooling.
  • Wall mounted fans: These fans do offer its very own unique advantages and can be used in winter and summer for various purposes. For instance, they can be used in summer for cooling off the area as well as in winter to ensure proper warm air circulation. Being mounted on the wall, they have derived this name and are quite suited for rooms having low ceiling and those where installation of ceiling fan is impossible. It is also easy to install and use.

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