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Rich Chicken Dishes: Try it for a Fulfilling Experience

There are so many people who are a big fan of chicken. Chicken is one such dish that can make any non-vegetarian do things that he would not have done otherwise. The point is the dish is so rich and tempting that nobody can say no to it.

Of course, chicken is not at all boring. You can find a whole world in the realm of chicken. Once you explore the destinations like the best catering Boston, you might come across the chickens that are fulling and exciting. Thrilling chickens will get you the time of your life.  If you want to know which type of chickens can be absolutely tangy, fulfilling and worth trying then keep on reading.

Butter chicken                    

It is a classic and iconic Indian dish and it is also called chicken makkhani. The dish tastes really phenomenal with kaali daal and naans (bread). As the name says it all, the dish has rich amount of butter mixed into gravy ingredients. The dish is a real gem for chicken fans. Of course the steaminess of the spices and the richness of the butter; what else can you expect in a bowl then ultimate satisfaction?

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is something that is most common of chicken dishes. But it is one of the yummiest though. Although diverse types of chicken curries encompass cream or yogurt, the basic curry forms a clotting agent by grinding fried onions into a dense paste and preceding the tomatoes with garlic and ginger pastes. In the end of everything, water is added in the dish to even out the consistency.  The rich ingredients in this curry can be differing from cook to cook. You can add up as many spices as you like. You can experience the charm of chicken curry with rice or bread both! It is a simple yet tangy dish to experience.

Chicken tikkas

The apparent meaning of tikka is pieces, chunks or bits. Chicken tikka masala is a beautiful and delicious dish. in this food item  pre-marinated pieces of chicken are tastefully grilled and then added to thick , rich creamy gravy.  The flavouring encompass spices and yogurt, and such a gravy is a traditional blend of Indian spices, onion and even tomato coupled with some pinch of cream added to create a smooth  and rich finishing.

Tandoori Chicken

In the centre of the most famous Indian foods, tandoori chicken is valued by individuals greatly. The most wonderful thing about this dish is that it is absolutely easy to prepare.  It has got its name from the way it gets cooked.  Indeed, it is prepared in a tandoor or clay oven.  Once the chicken is steeped in a spiced yogurt mixture, the pieces are squeeze via onto skewers and then all the stuff is placed in tandoor to prepare. It not only tastes wonderful but smells scrumptious too.


So, have you ever thought about exploring the streak of chickens? You must check out Indian catering menu Boston and explore the chickens that are absolutely delicious.