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Sadigh Gallery – Rules for Buying Ancient Artifacts from Different Countries

If you are into the business of buying and selling ancient artifacts, you must ensure that you resort to careful examination when you buy them from a seller. Your items should be real and not fake. In case, you are caught selling a fake item to a buyer your business will lose its integrity and customers will easily spread the word that you are selling fake items. It is important for you to be careful and take time when you receive any antique or artifact that the seller claims to be real. Always consult experienced and esteemed museum and gallery professionals to ensure that the item you receive is real. In addition to the above, the item you receive should also be worth the price of its origin. You do not want to land up paying more.

Sadigh Gallery- how should you buy ancient antiques and artifacts?

Sadigh Gallery is a reputed and esteemed gallery in New York. The experts here help people determine whether an item that receive from the past is genuine or not. They have special laboratories where the item received is sent for tests and investigation. The professionals here state that there are several items that appear to be real at first glance but the moment they undergo tests they turn out to be fake. Take the example of coins, you will find that many ancient coins were produced on the original die however on investigation they have turned out to be fake. It is here that you should be careful. The experts say that you must take the coin to the laboratory and test its authenticity. The coin should not be determined by size or weight.

Check documents

If you are buying ancient art, coins and artifacts from different parts of the world, you should check documents like the mandate of copy that some nations require you to keep in case of real artifacts. For instance, Israel is a country where these documents are required when the transaction takes place. The document in such a case states whether the item is an imitation or an original.

You need to check on whether the buying and selling of cultural property is legal or not in the nation where you buy it. UNESCO has a special convention when it comes to the transaction of cultural property and it is very important for people in the business to abide to it when they are selling and buying property. This convention has been formulated with the goal to curb the import and the export of cultural property across the world. This means when you are purchasing items from different countries, ensure that you check this convention mandate so that you do not land up making any illegal purchases or transactions.

Last but not the least, the professionals here at Sadigh Gallery state that you should never buy or sell any items that have been procured through loot. This is illegal and can land you into deep trouble if you are not cautious.

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