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How to Screen the Programmers before the Interview?

It is very essential that all the positions that have been rolled out are filled. It is the responsibility of the hiring manager as well as the department head. At times, the number of applications is huge so for that online tests could be organized with the view of chucking out the candidates who either do not have the required knowledge or who do not fit in the organization. There could be a number of tests that can be done. And some of these tests can be combined as well. For example, an arithmetic test can be combined with the psychometric test.

In case of programmers as well, the online tests are very crucial. The Java Online Test checks the knowledge of the candidate pertaining to the Java Language and also their capability to pull normally recycled portions of the Java courses. This test is an ideal test for the programmers’ pre-employment screening. The expert programmer or the Java Developer is required not only to solve out the problems using the Java language but also to identify the when can they influence the functionality as provided by their Java courses which enables them to write maintainable and robust code.

Apart from these, the hiring manager may also conduct the Algorithms online test. It is an indication of the thinking and logical ability of the candidate and how he puts his algorithmic abilities to use. It can also be made in a way that the candidate has to implement these algorithms with the help of Java Programming. A good and efficient programmer would be able to design and then implement the algorithms which are efficient and correct. This Java online test requires the candidates to resolve all the coding problems in Java and find bugs in the program and accordingly fix them. Therefore, these tests could be made as easy or as difficult as the hiring manager wants it to be.

What are the benefits of screening of the programmers?

  1. The first and foremost benefit is that it makes the process more agile. After hiring a wrong programmer, it becomes very difficult for the company to correct the mess therefore it is best to have a test done beforehand to be sure of the decision.
  2. Quality of work can be recognized in case the online test is done. This is also very important as the hiring manager would be able to find out the kind and number if quality issues in the entire work.
  3. This also helps in reducing the hiring and training cost. In case the hiring manager has already taken the java online test of the candidate and he has performed well, no further person would be required to be hired and thus no extra and overhead training cost will incur.
  4. This online screening acts as a tool to analyse the candidates and if they are hired, the hiring manager is also aware of the training needs so that the employees can further grow and prosper in the company.

Looking at these advantages it is important to have the candidates screened before the interview.

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