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Seeking a Career in Big Data Engineering

If you are seeking a career in big data engineering then apart from the basic skills required for data engineer, it would be an added advantage if you have a certification as well in that field. Certification will only validate your skill set and ensure that you stay ahead of your peers. But wait, are you confused as to what your role as a big data engineer will be then read on.

Who Is A Big Data Engineer &What Does He/She Do?

In simple words a data engineer is just like a software engineer, whose role is to collect, compile and install database systems in the company. A Data engineer is essentially responsible for writing complex queries that may scale to multiple machines. They are also responsible for putting the disaster recovery systems in place.

So while a data engineer does all of the above, a Big Data Engineer deals with the development, maintenance, testing and evaluating of the big data solutions in an organization. You may start your career with being a data engineer and then moving on to become a big data engineer if you can garner skill sets like NoSQl, Apache Hadoop, ApacheSpark, Machine Learning and Data Mining among other skills.

Of course going for Big Data Certifications further add on to your resume thus putting you in the top position amongst the prospective employers.

Big Data Certifications – Your Gateway to Success

Yes, with the competition growing by leaps and bounds, it is quite essential to stand out in the eyes of a prospective employer and the best way to do so, is by acquiring Big Data Certifications, which help you stay ahead of your competition and also scale the heights in your career. Certifications are a documented proof of your skills that you may present to your employers and help you safeguard your job as well.

The Big Data Certifications are available as per your skill set and your experience so whether you are a beginner or a professional seeking to escalate in your career, and DASCA or Data Science Council Of America offers Big Data Certifications for graduates and undergraduates as well as for the professionals who have either have a degree or a diploma in information technology and are working as a software engineer in an IT company. ABDE or Associate Big Data Engineer and SBDE or Senior Big Data Engineer are the Big Data Engineer certifications offered by DASCA.

Data Analytics Engineering

Data Analytics Engineering is for those who wish to pursue their career as Data Scientists or Big Data Scientists. As a data analyst engineer you will be responsible for building and maintaining the data engineering platforms of an organization among other things.So if you are interested in Data Analytics Engineering, and have the right skill set then you may go for Associate Big Data Analyst Certification and Senior Big Data Analyst Certification from DASCA and climb up the ladder of success.

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