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How To Select The Right Emeralds When Choosing Your Jewellery

Emeralds are one of the most precious and popular stones along with diamonds, rubies, and others. That is why they are used extensively in the creation of trendy jewellery such as a neck-piece. An emerald stone resting on an elegantly crafted necklace is sure to catch on-lookers’ attention. However, it is equally true that picking a necklace is not as easy as it seems.

To find the most beautiful and high-quality emerald necklaces, you need to care about many factors such as the clarity of the emerald, the colour, the origin, and many other factors. Hence, this article offers a step-by-step process to understand emerald quality when selecting a neck piece.

  1. Evaluate the texture of the colour

The green colour of the emerald says a lot about the quality. Giving a close look at the green colour of the stones, you can ensure whether the emerald is natural or not. Make sure that the colour looks vivid and gives out a deep texture. But it should not look too dark, as it is a sign of low quality. Plus, you need to make sure that the colour consistency is same in all parts of the stones. The purity of green colour is what makes an emerald worthy of your investment.

  1. Keep the size as your second priority

Women tend to judge precious stones by its size. But sometimes it leads them to wrong selections. Sure, the size of the emeralds is one of the value-defining factors. But a small piece becomes more precious and valuable if it has better colour, clarity, and other qualities. Hence, if you are getting a low-quality large emerald stone neck piece, it is better to invest your money in high-quality small emerald stones.

  1. See the clarity level of the stones

As mentioned earlier, clarity of the emerald stones is a value defining factor. The experts say that the alluring colour of emerald stones become achievable with clarity only. And that clarity comes with the absence of unwanted minerals, gas bubbles, and other issues. Hence, when choosing a neckpiece, make sure you check the clarity of the stones to pick valuable jewellery.

  1. Inspect the emerald expertise of the jeweller

In order to get the purest emerald neck pieces, you need to test the expertise of the jeweller as well. Experienced jewellers get their emerald stones from the best locations and leverage the finest techniques to keep the purity intact. These neck pieces stay with you for years, hence, thinking about the purity is not a bad thing. You invest a lot of cash on such neck piece. So, get the assurance of purity from the jeweller.

  1. Get certified gems

Another important step to ensure that you have selected the right piece would be to ask for quality proofs. The certified gems give you the assurance of having a genuine neck piece made with emerald stones.

Keeping all the steps in mind, you can now start looking for an emerald neck piece that is made for you. Purchase pieces that have quality and purity, and you won’t regret your investment in emerald pieces.

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