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Seven Indispensable Makeup Tips for Olive Skin Tone

A naturally tanned olive skin tone is inexplicably sexy and looks bright during the day and night. It is a feature that is not common with the other skin tones. It is a skin tone that is undeniably a blessing to a few.

However, that is not to insinuate that girls blessed with this skin tone don’t need a little bit of skin coloring. You will want to augment your natural beauty. Here we have the vital top seven makeup tips for your olive skin tone.

  1. Go for The Right Foundation

Regardless of the skin tone you have, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make; selecting the wrong foundation. Don’t choose a foundation that is either too dark or light for your olive skin tone lest you risk looking like a banana peel. It is recommended that you take your time and choose a foundation that matches your skin tone well.

  1. Choose the Right Concealer

This is an essential product for your makeup. It will be used to cover any unwanted regions. It is also a necessary product for the ladies with rough skin. However, you should make sure that you choose the right shade for your skin. It will be embarrassing to walk around with makeup dots on your face.

  1. Ditch the Bronzer

Since you have a natural olive skin tone, there is absolutely no need for bronzer. Using it could result in a charred look, and that’s a big no for a makeup.

  1. Use the Highlighters

Ditching the bronzer is not a prerequisite for ditching your highlighter. In fact, ladies with olive skin should use the highlighters as much as they can; around the eyes, jaws and lighten your cheeks-the results are usually admirable.

  1. Black Eyeliner

Ladies, I have to tell you this and emphasize it if that will make you understand this point-keep off from the colored eyeliners unless it is Halloween night. Colored eyeliners I mean those vibrant purples, blues and bright yellows. It is recommended that you stick with dark eyeliners that make your eyes pop. Opt for the darkest colors of brown, and you will see the magic.

  1. Black Mascara

Just as said above, we want to avoid colored eyeliners and mascara is not an exception. Bear in your mind that we are looking for a beautiful, sensual, and sexy look. With that, you want to consider only darkest hues of brown mascara. The mascara and enhanced texture will make your eyes look romantic and chic.

  1. Lip Colours

For the lip colors, there are so many options for the olive skin tones. You can decide to rock it with a ravishing red pout or wear nothing and still rock. However, it is recommended to shun off bright pinks and try subtle, pale pink if you deem it necessary.

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