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Shirts for Women And The Wonders You Can Work With Them

Clothing for women have come a long way and it keeps on incorporating elements more and more from the wardrobe of men. You can actually create some really smart and chic looks with these and one such piece is definitely the shirts!

Yes, that’s right, you can wear shirts in any way you want and create a look of your choice. If you are running out of ideas as to how to fashion a look with ladies casual shirts, here are some suggestions that will surely never go out of fashion:

  1. One piece of clothing which is going great these days is boyfriend shirt. They are basically long oversized shirts or sometimes even t-shirts which can be with or without prints. Worn with shorts and jeans, they create a really lovely look which is casual and smart and more importantly really comfortable. When opting for boyfriend shirts, you need to wear high heeled sneakers for a complete look. Keep your accessories to a minimum for maximum effect and tie your hair in top knot or you can leave it open. Whatever you decide to do, this comfortable look will surely take you a notch up in the style ladder.
  2. If you are working in a corporate office, then you cannot help but have corporate shirts. These are generally short in length and might be full sleeve or sleeveless. You can pair them up with jeans, trousers, palazzos or pencil skirts. Since these are a little well fitted, it is best if you keep your figure toned when you opt for these. When paired with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels, you will surely create a perfect look for your office!
  3. Another look that you can create with ladies casual shirts, which are moth casual as well as comfortable and if you work in a semi-formal setup then you can always go for this- shirts with skirts. It is ideal if you have a white shirt and you can pair it up with a long blue or indigo wrap around skirt. Wear flats or boots during the winter months if you want this look to work. You can also accessorise it with anything you want; mostly silver jewellery and create a lovely look. If you want you can also wear a small stole which is contrast in colour.
  4. Shirt dresses are also very in these days. These are much like boyfriend shirts which are oversized and almost knee length. You can pair it with high heeled white sneakers and carry a satchel to complete the look. When heading out to the beach, do not forget to wear flats and carry a hat.
  5. Cold shoulder shirts are something that women are opting a lot for these days. These are very comfortable and since the design is not too well fitted in most cases, it is really breathable and can be worn by women of all figure types. Jeans work best with these shirts.

Now that you have so many ideas to play around with your shirts, get some for yourself and get your look going!

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