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Shrink Wrap Myths Exposed!

With a high number of companies across a vast range of industries now taking an interest in new and used shrink wrap machines, we thought that we would expose some of the most common shrink wrap myths to all, enabling even more businesses to realise that shrink wrapping could be the ultimate packaging solution based on their requirements. Here goes:

MYTH 1 – You cannot shrink wrap unusually shaped products.

FACT – You can actually use shrink-wrapping to wrap products of all shapes and sizes, it is all about finding the most suitable machinery! Go to your supermarket and have a look around, I bet you will be surprised by the array of irregularly shaped items that you can find shrink wrapped.

MYTH 2 – You cannot shrink wrap flexible products otherwise, they will bend.

FACT – It is in fact possibly to shrink wrap non-rigid products – and this can be done in a number of ways, from inserting a cardboard stiffener for extra support to using low energy shrink film that stops otherwise bendy items from rolling up and becoming misshapen.

MYTH 3 – Food items cannot be shrink-wrapped.

FACT – Food products can definitely be shrink wrapped, with much of the food products found in stores and shops in the UK packaged in this way. One of the reasons why some believe that food items cannot be packaged in this way is the heat that shrink tunnels give out, however this heat is only applied for minimal time so has no effect.

MYTH 4 – Shrink-wrap film is always clear.

FACT – Shrink-wrap film is available in a wide range of colours and styles and can even be printed on, allowing companies to use shrink-wrap film that boasts their company colours and branding.

If after reading this you are even more interested in investing in a shrink-wrap machine for your business, go ahead, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with your decision. Visit Sontex Machinery today we see all of the shrink-wrap machines available in the UK.