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Small things you can do that gives your home a big transformation

The home is where the heart is so it important to give it some love now and then. Sometimes what seems like the smallest and most insignificant changes can produce the most effective and significant results. Follow these pieces of advice to fall in love with your home all over again, at no extra cost, with no DIY, all that is required is a good eye for detail and a fresh mind set.

Make your bed

This sounds like it is stating the obvious, but it is surprising how much just making your bed can transform a room from a cluttered mess into a bright, airy haven. Just doing something as little as this can really go a long way, and not only make you feel like you have accomplished something in the morning even before you have left for work, but it feels so much better coming in after a busy day to a nice tidy room. This is one of the best, quickest and easiest hacks to make an untidy room look a lot neater and more organised.

Have a quick clean

Cleaning is often a tedious task, but the feeling will only get worse if you put it off and wait for your room to be so shameful you cannot bear to see it the way it is anymore. Each day clean your house in smaller chunks and tidy up once you go along. Before you leave for work, put your pyjamas where they belong instead of leaving them on the floor and before you go to bed make sure the plates from dinner are clean and back in the cupboard. Just clear up clutter and dirt before it reaches boiling point, you will soon realise that is less of a laborious task if you do your tidying in little chunks as you go along.

Rearrange your furniture

Make a change without buying new pieces. Whenever you get bored of your current layout, or feel like your home needs reinventing then refrain from buying new furniture and just move it around, as this saves you both money and time. Moving around your furniture can add a whole different perspective to your room, and make it feel like a whole new space.

An emerging trend is smart-storage which comes in a range of solutions. Low cabinets are a popular option as they hide things you don’t want to be seen that can also double up as room dividers as well as a top surface to display vases, a collection of books or perhaps a picture frame. Property investment companies are increasingly using smart storage like this in their studio apartments to maximise space and make use of hidden or tight spaces. RW Invest offers properties with adequate storage facilities, creating a desirable home for all.

Add some extra features

What about some new artwork or a new mirror? Ever considered plants in your home? Or even a rug or vase to add some colour and texture? These modern features improve the overall aesthetic of your home. Sometimes minimalistic furniture, fixtures and walls can be perfect for someone that loves an understated interior, but other times bare walls are a perfect opportunity to inject some personality and colour into a plain wall. Why not hang some artwork or a mirror? This will not only make your space look arty and exciting, but mirrors also bounce light around the room making the room look bigger and brighter.