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Soft drink Options for summer.

Summer time occurs during the months of April till June in India. It is very hot in most of the cities, especially the ones closer to the equator. Many people suffer from heat strokes and dizziness due to improper care of their physical and mental health during summer.

It is very important to keep your body healthy and fit during all seasons. Summer can be a difficult season but is also one of the best seasons to bask in the sun and enrich your body with abundant Vitamin D.  You also should eat healthy food, reduce spice intake to avoid an unsteady bowel movement which can be quiet common during the months of summer due to excessive heating of the body. You must also keep yourself hydrated all the time to ensure you stay fresh all through the day.

It is also the season for cool drinks and ice-creams as people crave for food items that can cool their body down. Many options are there in drinks, ice-creams and other food items for you to choose from. You can even make smoothie, soft drinks and cool drinks at home and give it a creative and unique touch. It will also be cooler, fresh and tastier if made at home. There are many summer drinks recipes in Hindi available online for your preferences. Here are a few ingredients used in soft drinks for a cooler summer.

Coconut water

Coconut water during summer can be used in many ways to make different kinds of mock tails. You can add variety of ingredients and make drinks such as flavoured milk, coconut water ice tea, mojitos, fruit juices, etc.


Strawberries are delicious fruits that you can use to create variety of fruit drinks, ice creams and other coolants. They work well with other berries and you can make some yummy milkshakes using strawberries, blueberries, etc. You can also add it as a topping to other desserts, and use it to decorate your soft drink. It is also a popular flavour while making squashes, pulps, etc.

Lemon is a very important ingredient during summer because people love to drink cool, refreshing lemonades, sodas, lemon flavoured ice tea, mojitos, cocktails, mocktails, etc.

Lemon brings the tangy flavour in your drinks making it very tasty. Some of the options of drinks are Mint lemon squash, Lemon margarita, cosmopolitan, hurricane, etc.

Pudina, as it is called in Indian language is also a very good ingredient while making soft drinks during summer. It has medicinal value and also keeps the body refreshed and cool throughout the day, you could combine it with other ingredients such as lemon to make some unique and refreshing drinks.

These are some fresh ingredients that you add while making soft drinks in summer. There are many soft drinks recipes in Hindi available in magazines or online so that you can research and make some new drinks. Try to come up with new names for your creation.

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