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Spark-up your Dull Study Room with Colourful Wall Mural Sculptures

The study room is usually the most subtle and calm area of the house. People use it for work purposes as well. Many things need to be taken care of while you construct or renovate your study room. The lighting needs to be perfect, the atmosphere should be motivating enough, and there should be peace and calm all around. Your wall accents and wall décor play a significant role here. You should plan and display them in such a manner that give the room a subtle and an inspiring look.

When talking about a study room, what comes to mind are a library, books, a study table, a chair – and some inspirational posters, maybe! How you want to reinvent your study room depends on your requirements and of course, your budget. You surely want to decorate your room in the most beautiful manner possible, but you sure don’t want to exceed your budget limits.

Brands like Fanusta are here to help you pick the most beautiful and affordable wall murals for your study room. is a marketplace for home décor and home furniture. They offer all kinds of handicrafts like pottery, sculptures, wall hangings, paintings, frames, wall murals, lamps & lanterns, antique furniture, candle ware, aroma oils & diffusers and many other products that are made by the local Indian artisans.

But, what makes Fanusta different?

Fanusta was created with the idea of rediscovering the lost Indian art and taking it to the world by providing an online platform to ease out the selling and buying process of these Indian handicrafts. India has a rich and diverse culture and heritage, which, owing to the trending brand adoption has lost its value. With the aim to revive the lost Indian art, it has collaborated with the local craftsmen to help them connect with customers directly and give their artforms a global reach. This is what makes Fanusta different and unique.

Now that you know about Fanusta and the idea behind it, every shopping experience that you have will be a special one because you would know the sentiments attached to it. You could have just hired someone to renovate your study room, but you must be wanting to do something unique, which is probably the reason you’re reading this blog. Let’s get you started with your options!

You could start with changing your wall paint and getting new colour or wallpapers done. While choosing your wall paint, you would also want to keep in mind the kind of study table and chair and other furniture you’re planning to set up in your study room. Your study room walls and furniture will be decided in tandem, of course!

Next, you could plan on how to decorate the empty spaces or those corners of your study room. You could add tall vases with flowers or a wooden shelf for books.

Don’t forget those lights that help you during your late night studies! The essential element of a study room is the lighting. You need to carefully plan the lights and install them in such a manner that your room is always well lit. And, a light on top of the study table is an imperative need!

The next element that you could work on is the walls of your study room. They sure say a lot! While you would have already worked on the wall paint; decorating them with handicrafts from the Indian mural art like wall murals will be like an icing on the cake. Fanusta has tied up with various mural art artisans to bring you the best wall murals. You can visit their website and choose from their extensive collection of the mural art pieces and decorate your walls with style. Adding a touch of the Indian mural art to your study room will make it look unique and exclusive.

Get started with reinventing your study room right now! Give it a motivating, inspiring and intriguing look to make those study times energetic and productive.

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