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Strategies For Preparing GRE Online Test

In the present era, students wish to learn the current technologies and want to explore the whole world. They want to adapt new culture, learn different languages and make new friends of disparate backgrounds. To fulfil their dream, most of the students want to study abroad. There are many gateways through which students can make their career in foreign countries.

One such gateway I am going to talk about is GRE (Graduate Record Examination). It is the standardized exam that a student must clear who wants to study the graduate program in the United States. GRE Testchecks your aptitude and reasoning ability. The importance of GRE marks depends on the school where you want to study. The higher you score, the more opportunity you have to choose the place where you want to study.Let’s have a look at the pattern of exam.

Pattern of GRE Online Exam

GRE is comprised of three core assessment areas:

  1. Analytical Writing
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal section and Quantitative section each comprise of 170 marks and writing section has 2 questions each of 6 marks. Analytical writing consists of essay writing which is further divided into two segments – analyze an issue and analyze an argument. Verbal Reasoning section focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension, text completion, sentence completion while Quantitative Reasoning section focuses on the basic mathematics which includes Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic, Algebra and Statistics.

Important Points for preparing GRE Exam

  • Knowledge about GRE Exam: The first step in preparing for GRE exam is to make sure you know exactly what the GRE exam is about, all the sections that are testing you and then only you can go ahead and dive in the material and learn all the foundations of vocabulary, verbal section and also the math section as well.
  • Prepare a Time-Table: Then you need to know about your strategy, the sections you are good in and where you need to focus more. According to that, you can divide your days to prepare well on the different sections.
  • Vocabulary: Next you need to focus on learning new words as your vocabulary has to be very strong to get good marks in GRE Exam.
  • Practice Different Sections with Time Constraint: Now you need to practice different sections by giving online tests. Remember, don’t give whole test in 1 go. Instead, give it in different sections so that you may not get tired in one attempt. As we know time is very crucial, so, learn to manage your time by practicing more and more.
  • Practice Essay Writings: This is the most negligent part done by students. They keep on focusing on the other sections, but essay writing part is also as important as the other parts. So, if you are weak in this part, devote some time to this part also.

Many gre prep courses are also available on the web that a student can choose to enhance his skills.Besides, best gre coaching, you just need to devote time and practice more and more. It is well said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, follow this proverb and nobody can stop you to achieve success.