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Study Tips for Class 12 Maths

Scoring good marks in maths isn’t easy but not impossible too. This subject requires detailed knowledge of concepts and fundamentals. Though Formulas are the most important topic in maths but few students find it difficult to memorize it. It happens because they need to understand the logic behind it and not just memorizing it. But if you practice well you can score good marks in this subject.

Let’s explore how can you master this subject.

  1. Before preparing for Class 12 board exam, make sure you check the weightage of the chapters in the syllabus. You should focus on the high marks weightage topics first, followed by the lesser ones. Putting extra efforts in those topics can help you score high marks in the exam. Mastering these topics will be an advantage to you.
  2. Make a list of all the topics in maths like Binomial Theorem and note down all the important topics and formulas for those. All the important concepts shall be highlighted in the notes prepared.
  3. As NCERT textbook is the main textbook to refer to in Class 12 CBSE boards, start with the same book. Once you have understood all the concepts from the same, then refer to other reference books. You should practice more problems on topics like Hyperbola from these books.
  4. Understand the problem and apply the formulas to it. Before applying the formula for any topic, you should always practice the derivation of it. Though remembering these by heart is recommended but you will be able to remember it only if you know the derivation.
  5. Now that you have mastered the concept, now start solving other unsolved problems. Don’t just keep practicing the solved example. After solving the unsolved problems, review your mistakes. You will learn in this way and correct it. This will also make sure that you won’t be doing this mistake in exams.
  6. Do not skip steps while solving the problem. Practice solving the problem step wise. It also helps in scoring marks. Even if you are not able to solve the whole problem in exam, a few correct steps will also fetch you marks.


The only way to score good marks in maths is to practice well. It will help you gain confidence, and you will be able to score good marks.