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Tap Water or Bottled Water?

There are a number of drinking water options you can actually choose from. You can take your pick from filtered water, tap water and bottled water. The differences between each type mentioned above are less defined than you think they are. According to a research, twenty five percent of the bottled water out there is simply bottled tap water. The people who govern the manufacturers churning out bottled water are less strict than the ones who look at the regulations around tap water

Most of the bottled water out there gets filtered, however the water you consume may be coming from a tap in some other location. Before you think about wasting your money on things you already have at home, take a look at the bottle you buy to learn how water in it gets filtered. If it doesn’t say anything then it might be coming straight from the tap.

Is drinking bottled water better than drinking tap water?

In general, tap water has a number  of benefits. Even though they are very minimal, if you don’t mind drinking tap water you can stick  with it. It is very important to note that tap water contains more amount of fluoride than bottled water, which is a chemical that assists in good oral health.

However, it is also to be noted that some of the  items in tap water, can be very harmful under a few  specific circumstances. It is recommended that you drink only bottled water and not tap water is when you’re at a  high risk for infection. This is recommended if you’re undergoing a chemotherapy or if you’re pregnant or HIV positive. The best option will be given by your personal physician which is why you should consult him before you make your decision.

What to do if you don’t like the taste  of tap water

When you don’t like how tap water tastes and you do enjoy mineral water, then you should convert to a filtration device. This however, will only cut out a number of contaminants, but will not get rid of every bad thing.

If you use a good filtration device for the tap water then you can remove not just contaminants like pesticides and chlorine residues but also nitrates, bacteria and viruses as well. The Aquafresh service centre is also there to help people with any queries related to the water service or with any problems they face with their present water filters.

As a result of this,not only will your water taste better, it will be full of vitamins and minerals. You can also give a better taste to your water with water flavorings.

There are a number of average filters in the market like filter pitchers and screw-on filters, but they barely do anything and end up costing you a lot in case you fall ill. If you buy a branded filter then you can do the work well and will save a lot of money because you don’t have to buy a bottle of water everyday. Investing in a good filter will go a long way for your health and will help you stay fit.

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