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Are you an avid traveler with a large travel bucket-list? India is the right place to strike out many activities in that list. Starting from party night to camping in remote Tibetan village, India has a wide diversity to make your time educational and rewarding. There are the top ten things to do in India.

Street food tasting

It is all about cuisine, when it comes to India. Everybody will become a foodie in this country. Every cultural celebration, festival and activity has a cuisine element to it. The beauty of the land’s cuisine is not in some signature restaurants’ fine dining dishes. You ought to explore the local markets to find street foods. The chatt items of Delhi, parota of Tamil Nadu, banana fry of Kerala and the list goes on and on about what to taste in each destination.

Ganga aarti

Visit any of the River Ganges flowing destinations like Varanasi, Haridwar or Rishikesh to enjoy Ganga Aarti. However, the Dashashwamedh ghat of Varanasi is the best place to enjoy this activity. This is a series of rituals performed in a synced matter by several priests. The churning of bells, oil lamps swirling in circular motion and the thousand lights floating on the river would make the evenings magical, every single day. The best way to enjoy this ritual is by hiring a boat and watching it from the middle of the river.

Visit remote Himalayan villages

Snow activities are for amateurs. If you are looking to enjoy the beauty of Himalaya, you ought to enjoy hiking and trekking to remote Himalayan villages in Spiti Valley, Kinaur, Lahaul, Ladakh and others. You can find unique cultures in these regions. Camping or homestay in the villages is one of the top adventure activities. Some prefer mountain bike riding to reach these remote destinations. While you are covering the remote villages, try to enjoy any festivals or local cuisines. It is very important to bring a guide with you and respect the weather. Himalayas is a wild kingdom and the climate can be harsh.

Catch your striped friend of forest

Visit the tiger reserves of the land for safari, elephant ride or boat trip to get closer to the majestic predators of the wild. Apart from the tigers, you can spot snow leopard, lions, Indian leopard and other big cats of the forests. The best parks to cover are Ranthambore National Park, Corbett, Satpura national park, Bandhavgarh national park, Pench national park and others.

Luxury train tour

If you wish to enjoy the culture of the land, you need to get down to the streets. If you wish to explore the lifestyles of the yesteryear kings of the land, the luxury trains are the best window. If you desire, you can make a complete vacation out of these luxury train. There are numerous trains like Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and many others. Each train has its own set of itineraries covering different elements of India.

If you are under a budget, at least try enjoying a state-to-state train ride or metro train ride to experience the daily-life of the land.

Get closer to the beaches

India is a peninsular with Indian Ocean at the south, Arabian Sea in the West and Bay of Bengal in the East. The entire coastlines of India are filled with resorts, beach spots and have become the concentration of adventure and water activities. Starting from scuba diving to beach picnic, the coastal land is rich with activities. The best of all is staying in the wildness of Andaman; enjoy birds, beaches, seafood and underwater wealth.

Stargazing in desert

The iconic activity of Rajasthan is a night camping in the Thar Desert.  You can find luxury camps or basic camps based on your requirement. By moonlight, you can enjoy moonlit dinner, cultural activities under the moon or lie down and enjoy the stars. Combine it with camel safari or 4WD through dunes; you have a curious vacation with unparalleled experience.

Snuggle into houseboat

When it comes to Kerala, the main element of beauty is its nature. The nature’s most replete area is the pleasant backwaters bordered with rice fields and coconut grooves. You can enjoy a traditional houseboat ride or a few days stay in the boats. This is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the local life, cover the natural aspect of the land, beyond the commercialized towns of the state.

Explore the temples of the land

If you are a religious person, you can choose to enjoy the temples from a spiritual point of view. For others, temples are magnificent piece of architectural beauty and serene ambience. If you are not interested in architectural sightseeing, how about exploring unusual temples of the land like the temple of rats, temple that disappears into sea and so on. Temples are an important element of Indian culture. If you wish to enjoy this beautiful culture, temple is an inevitable element.

If you wish to enjoy the culture more, stay back for festivals. Each festival and celebration is a beauty of its own. Indians make sure that the festivals have as much color as possible. Special dishes are prepared during these festivals and the streets are filled with cultural activities. The stalls will have cream discounts on top products and you get to enjoy the credible hospitality of the locals.

Ayurvedic massage

May it be Kerala or the laid back Himalayan region; Ayurvedic massage is a recognized way to reduce stress and promote health. Choose authentic Ayurvedic spas or traditional houses of practice to experience this ancient art of healing. Best place for Ayurvedic treatments are Trivandrum, Palakkad, Rishikesh and others.

These are just the top ten activities to enjoy in India. Each state has its own unique features and elements for every type of travelers. Learn about your destination and the activities available before starting your vacation.