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The Benefits Of Wood Paints For Your Home

There are few materials as warm and luxurious in appearance as wood, which is why it is such a valuable material. Whether you use wood in your interior or exterior spaces, it needs careful maintenance to ensure your investment in home décor stays beautiful and strong.

Thankfully, paint manufacturers have come up with great wood treatment and varnish solutions to do just that.

Acrylic polymers for protection and adhesion

Protection from the elements is especially important for wooden décor in exterior spaces. In arid and semi-arid countries like South Africa paint manufacturers have developed excellent acrylic polymer paints that cover wood (and other materials) against sunlight.

These paints are designed to be tough, UV resistant and to also provide excellent adhesion for the times when you want to paint your décor. So it works well as a hardy varnish, as protection for various materials and also a handy gateway to fresh colours for other items.

Nourishing wood primers

As a natural material, wood needs to be fed and nourished (odd as it may sound, it’s true). A wood primer that is designed to provide deep-penetrating oils, alkyds and even pesticides is a great way to treat wood before varnishing and sealing it. And if you use a primer that contains pesticides, it will help protect your décor from bugs such as termites and other harmful critters.

Varnish for waterproofing

You’ve likely seen people varnishing their wood just because they think it must be done, but did you know that it can be a great waterproofing method as well? On top of providing good UV protection, a quality wood coating will dry to a smooth, clear gloss finish that effectively repels water (great for heavy furniture that you can’t carry in on rainy days).

For even better results, ask your paint supplier for a wood coating that uses flexible resins. This will provide you with a protective layer which is flexible and not brittle. In other words, it will keep protecting your wood for longer.

Still have questions?

Contact a paint manufacturer like Paintcor or other trusty paint suppliers for some advice on what products will best suit your needs, and why. You can also read up on some interesting blog posts.

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