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The Best VLSI Internship Institute in Bangalore

VSLI (Very-Large-Scale Integration) is the process of integrating thousands of circuits into a single chip. It is a key element of the semiconductor industry. The future looks bright for those willing to get into the semiconductor industry. A number of people and companies are showing interest in investing and developing the industry.

This is undoubtedly the right time to join, train, and gain expertise in VLSI. With the wide gap between demand and supply of qualified engineers and skilled employees, students who are interested in the concepts of Electronics should find VLSI right in their comfort zone.

QSoCs is the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore. Started by a group of highly enthusiastic people who wanted to take forward the advantages of working in the semiconductor industry, QSoCs is known for providing 100% placement to the students.

We believe that having a strong foundation of the basic core concepts will help the students attain great heights in their careers. One cannot implement higher and complex concepts if they cannot understand how the basics of electronics work.

AT QSoCs, our highly experienced faculty will ensure that every student has fully understood the important topics. Our faculty is reputed in the semiconductor industry in their respective domains. Their knowledge, skill makes them highly valued and they wish to impart the same knowledge to the students.

Quality of education and teaching conditions are our priority. Our VLSI internship institutes in Bangalore are designed to make every student comfortable. The setting is spacious, soothing, and interactive. The labs are safe and fully equipped with tools approved by industry standards.

QSoCs is the right place to apply for an internship in VLSI design in Bangalore. Our students are placed in highly reputed companies such as Infosys, Wipro, SanDisk, Aims, Altran, Cerium Systems, Mind Lance, Black Pepper, Intel, T&VS, Smartsoc Solutions, and many more.

For those of you who are interested in the VLSI internship in Bangalore, we have chalked out the training calendar on our website. You can ‘express interest’ for any or all of the programs after viewing the details of each one of them.

Our curriculum has been designed to give equal importance to both theoretical and practical training. The students get to work on real-time projects along with being trained in soft skills development. We believe that social interaction is equally important. We ensure that our students become confident and assertive while learning the technical aspects.

Here is a list of internships offered by QSoCs:

  • QSoCs Certified Analog Layout Engineer (QCALE)- full time, 4 months
  • QSoCs Integrated Internship Program (QIIP)- 10 weekends
  • QSoCs Certified Design Verification Engineer (QCDVE)- full time, 6 months
  • QSoCs Certified Physical Design Engineer (QCPDE)- full time, 6 months
  • Weekend Design Verification- 14 weekends
  • Weekend SVUVM- 9 weekends
  • One Day Free Internship- One-day introduction classes about all topics in the semiconductor industry.

Our website has an interactive chat box where the students can talk to us. Visit