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The Most Common Camping Fails to Avoid

The first time people go camping is very important because it offers an insight into the camping world and what they can expect from future camping trips. The problem is, many first-time campers are bound to make some common mistakes because let’s face it, they’re novices! Camping fails are always hilarious in hindsight and make for some excellent campfire stories, but it can be very frustrating and awkward at the time.

All seasoned campers have seen camping fails hundreds of times before, and what makes it funny is the fact that they’ve made exactly the same mistakes! So, if you’re about to embark on your first camping trip and you’re looking for some easy ways to save embarrassment, read on to discover our most common camping fails to avoid.

Arriving at the campsite too late

Being fashionably late is still a thing, right? Well, not with camping! Arriving at your campsite late when the sun’s going down is a rookie error as you’ll need to setup your tent with minimal light. What makes this worse for first-time campers is that if they don’t know how to setup their tent, this increases the difficulty by 1000! Always aim to arrive at the campsite well before sunset to give you plenty of time to assess the area, check for sticks and rocks, and get setup before having a glass of wine when the sun’s going down.

Failing to check new equipment

If you’ve just gone out and bought a new tent, it’s imperative that you practice setting it up at home before you arrive at your campsite. Not only will you avoid spending a few hours trying to setup your tent at camp, but you’ll also have the opportunity to check for any missing pieces such as tent poles. You should also check other equipment such as camping stoves and torches to ensure they’re working properly too (and bring some spare batteries)!

Failing to check the weather

You don’t want to arrive at your campsite in the middle of a thunderstorm or tropical cyclone (yes, it’s happened before) so always check the weather forecast a few days before and just prior to leaving home. This will give you a chance to pack the appropriate clothing and equipment to maximise your comfort levels in adverse weather. You should always bring some wet weather clothing just in case or you may have to suffer through a cold and miserable weekend!

Failing to bring enough food or water

A surprisingly common mistake for first-time campers is not bringing enough food or water. We all require at least 2L of water each day, or 5L of water if we’re physically active, so always bring more than enough. It’s also a practical idea to have a plan for meals so you can do most of the prepping at home which saves heaps of time at the campsite. And just in case you drop a snag in the campfire, always bring plenty of snacks!

Forgetting essential items

We’ve all been there in the past – forgetting sunscreen or mozzie repellent or toilet paper. Having to ask a neighbour at the campgrounds to borrow an essential item can be very embarrassing, and they might even be reluctant to offer you some! It’s always best to make a checklist of everything you need at home, including camping gear, food, and drinks just to make sure you don’t forget.

Failing to check the campsite’s pet policy

Bringing your four-legged friend on your camping trip always increases the level of fun and enjoyment, but you must check the campground’s pet policy before arriving. Driving for a couple of hours just to find that your dog isn’t allowed at the campsite can be very annoying to say the least! Always check pet policies when making your reservation and it’s a wise idea to also find out where the closest petrol station is just in case you forget anything.

Whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned veteran, we all make camping mistakes from time to time and it’s all part of the experience. Plus, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell your friends at work on Monday! But, if you follow the tips outlined in the above, you should avoid most embarrassing camping fails to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable camping trip.

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