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The new trend in marketing and promotions

Bulk SMS companies that provides messaging services to various companies all over India through different SMS gateway networks. Marketing through SMS has become a very common and frequently used strategy in the business world. It provides transmission of commercial information like advertisements, promotional discounts, vouchers, coupons, updates and reminders. This greatly affects sales and revenues of a company as bulk SMS is a cost-effective way to earn profits by connecting to a large number of clients and customers at once. These services are fast, legitimate and reliable. There are many bulk SMS companies in Gurgaon. These service provider companies offer a wide range of features to send and receive bulk messages to the corporate world. They are easy to use and affordable.

Bulk message service providers in Gurgaon have designed and created amazing services for their clients and provided them with an effective medium to reach their customers with the blink of an eye. Most of the international and national brands like retail, finance, healthcare, education etc. opt to use these SMS services that promotes their business and producer-consumer relationships. This is the most reliable, cheap, convenient and fast way to advertise anything and industries have witnessed growth. Most of them offer life time validity at a very little price.

Promotional bulk messages are used to promote goods and services. These messages do not get delivered to the people who have activated Do Not Disturb services.  Whereas, transactional bulk messages are delivered to everyone. APIs that integrate the services, allows to send automated SMSs to the targeted audience. SMS is a new medium through which companies reach out to clients with the help of cell phones that does not require data plans.

One can control the content and timing regardless of the operators or operating systems and can track and verify results. They give highest returns on investment on promotions and loyalty campaigns. The SMS service providers implement the following features:

  • Authentication of contacts
  • Generation of alerts and notifications about credit of points, balance enquiries.
  • Sending invitations to special events and offers
  • For generating response and immediate confirmations. Eg: upselling at the close of a sale, promotions in loyalty cards, discount packages etc.
  • To achieve conversions and higher click-time.

An evaluation matrix is needed to decide the best SMS service provider that includes service, experience, security, integration, price and support, for tests, references and expertise.  They create and send different campaigns easily with millions of messages sent to billions of customers in a go. They are customizable and provide transactional details about the messages that have been sent, that are to be sent and the ones which are seen.

The providers offer their services in the cloud where service can be tested and verified in a very short time and there is no need to invest in technology. They ensure the security of customer data. The SMS service providers provide an immediate and interactive interface by integration into marketing automation for a global customer experience strategy. They aim to provide quality service with their highest capacity and service.