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The Right Way to Plan and Get a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a very personal thing and there are many reasons that a person will choose to ‘get inked’. Sometimes the tattoo has sentimental meaning such as the initials of a friend or relative that has passed way, and other times, it is simply to add to an ever growing-collection.  Some will choose to get their first tattoo whilst on holiday.  If you are planning on visiting a Bangkok tattoo shop, or your local tattoo parlour for the first time, here are some things you should know.

Talk to Friends

Discuss your idea of getting a tattoo with some friends. You may find that many of them will already have one. Some friends will love theirs and others want to get them changed a little. Certainly, the friends who have a tattoo will have some advice. If you’ve never received a tattoo on your body before, it’s not always what you think it is. Therefore, it helps to get the opinion of someone you trust.

If you talk to friends who don’t have a tattoo, they fall into two camps – ones who’ve never had one and never will and those who have them. The people who don’t have a tattoo and dislike them are unlikely to sign off on the idea. However, for friends who have them, their opinion is likely to be more balanced.

Bear in mind that if they have a full sleeve (an arm completely covered in a tattoo) then they’re fully committed and are very unlikely to be negative on the topic. Therefore, opinions somewhat in the middle are perhaps the most useful of all.

Start Small?

When you’ve decided to go ahead with getting a tattoo, the question then becomes, go large or start small? Many ladies, for instance, decide to get something small and less noticeable like a butterfly. In which case, consider carefully where you wish this to be positioned. How will different outfits cover up the tattoo when you wish to be more discrete about it? This might not matter today, but it could later on.

If you’re going larger, then decide carefully about the design of the tattoo as it will be with you for life. Take time to make the final decision. You could alsocreate your own version and see if the tattoo artist canrecreate it for a truly unique piece.

What’s Your Pain Threshold?

Most people forget to consider their pain threshold when getting a tattoo. It does more than just tickle as you are getting inked up! The more intricate the design and the greater number of colours used or the larger the area of skin it will cover, the longer it will take to complete.

Some tattoos are large enough that they require work to be completed over a succession of days to finish the design. Plan for the time you’ll need either during your holiday or at home, and make sure you do not have any water activities planned soon after to allow for healing time.

Getting a tattoo is a serious thing. Treat it that way and you’ll be delighted with the final result.