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The Success of a Heart Bypasses Surgery

The main aim of a coronary bypass surgery would be to remove the blocked arteries. In fact the blood vessels from other parts of the body are taken to reroute so that a good flow of blood is established to the heart muscle. Though the number of surgeries of this type is increasing, but most of it is undertaken in the private domain. There are certain countries of the world where the heart attack rates are on the higher side. When you are suffering from a heart disease the following situations are normally seen

  • The first case would be that the patient does not show any type of symptom. The problem for the heart does emerge during the course of a routine examination or it could be a requirement for an assurance policy as well. With the help of an exercise ECG it may point that a single or a couple of arteries may be blocked. The chances are also that the patient may have gone on to suffer a few silent heart attacks that he might not even be aware as well. But all that have been serious which means that it has gone on to because damage to your heart muscle as well.
  • The chances are that in active mode the patient may suffer from angina. You can try to put a small anti angina tablet at the back of your tongue and the pain goes on subsidize as well. When the pain goes on to increase and at the same time the frequency then the chance of heart attack would increase considerably.
  • All of a sudden a patient may suffer from a heart attack. This could be without any form of knowledge as well. It would be dependent on the type of coronary arteries that are blocked. You need to find out which part of the heart muscle tends to be deprived of oxygen or blood. Here the percentage of the heart muscle that is without oxygen would also be important as well. With heart attack no trace of damage will be visible, but you need to figure out the extent of the damage.

In each of the above cases it does require urgent treatment or medication for the matter. Whether the treatment is in the form of a medication or a coronary bypass surgery could only be found out with the degree of blockage that you come across in the coronary artery. The damage that occurs to the heart muscle would also appear to be important.

As far as the records point out there is very less difference between patients who are treated with medication and people who are keen to go for a surgery. In terms of numbers there would be very less difference but heart bypass surgery in India cost would be among the lowest in the world. But the only difference you find is the relief from pain. Even if you take the cost of transportation and travel cost you will save substantially.

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