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The Top Four Gifts and Souvenirs to Buy in Thailand

Buying souvenirs is one of the best bits of any trip overseas. Each country you visit will have its very own items that you can’t find anywhere else, or at least not quite the same. Thailand is no different. When you travel to Thailand, whether it’s a mini-break in Bangkok on your way to Sydney, Australia, or a fortnight spent catching some sun in Phuket, there are plenty of affordable souvenirs available.

Here is a list of some of the best items to buy on a trip to Thailand.

Packets of Thai Spices

Are you a bit of a foodie? If so, a trip to Thailand is probably a dream come true. Thai food is renowned for its complex flavors. You will have a ball sampling the delicious, aromatic curries, stir-fries, and street food snacks. Why not bring some of that delicious flavor back home with you?

Pick up some packets of Thai spices from one of the many markets or go shopping in Little India (Phahurat). They are available in vacuum sealed plastic packets, so you don’t have to worry about stinking out the entire airplane. When you get home, you can have a go at recreating the amazing dishes you tried in Thailand!

Thai Silver Jewelry

Good quality silver jewelry is well worth buying on a trip to Thailand. You will see silver products in many stores, but always check that the silver is genuine. If it is, it will have a .925 stamp somewhereon the product, which indicates it contains 92.5% pure silver. It’s possible to buy silver products that are 99% pure, but you will have to travel to Northern Thailand to find these.

Some of the best places to buy authentic Thai jewelry include stores on theKhao San Road and Chatuchak Market.

If you want to buy silver jewelry in bulk, perhaps to sell online when you get home, check out a wholesale silver jewelry Thailand business. They sell fine silver jewelry to trade customers, so pick up some samples and then place an order.

Thai Silk

Thailand is famous for the quality of its silk. The caterpillars that make the silk enjoy a special diet of mulberry leaves, so the resultant cloth is as fine as any you will see anywhere else in the world. You can either buy ready-made Thai silk clothing, such as pajamas, shirts, or dresses, or buy pieces of fabric in rainbow colors so you can make items at home.

The best thing about Thai silk is that it takes up very little room in a suitcase, so you can buy quite a lot. Head over to Chinatown for Thai silk but watch out for low-quality fake silk.


There are some lovely examples of handicrafts made by talented Thai artisans. Look out for beautiful embroidered cushion covers, bags, purses, sarongs, and scarves. Pottery, lacquerware, and wicker are all good buys, too.

Don’t forget to splurge on some cheap trinkets for the kids!