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Things to Know before Entering Infrared Sauna Rooms

Sauna is one of the oldest methods of stress relief. The sauna rooms not only help you to rejuvenate and get relief from stress but they also help you to associate with likeminded individuals. You sit together with a number of people and enjoy the heat while the pores on your skin open out clearing the skin of blemishes.  Annoying little blackheads and whiteheads are completely cleared thereof and you emerge totally stress-free after the session. If you have never been to one before, here is a statutory warning; it is actually different from how it is portrayed in commercials and movies.

Again, infrared saunas of today are quite different from the traditional ones that date back to the dawn of civilization almost 2000 years ago. The basic difference is that, while in traditional saunas the hot air in the room heats the body and makes the people inside sweat, in infrared sauna, the bodies absorb the infrared heat. This procedure enhances the smoothening of muscles with happiness inducing effects due to the release of the ‘happy hormone.’  If you are new to the concept, your first visit to an infrared sauna can be really baffling and in order to be able to make the most of your session you would want to know a few essential things. Check out the necessities and enter an infrared sauna room with an open mind.

  • Keep the Booze Away: If you have an appointment scheduled for infrared sauna, make sure that you keep yourself away from the booze. Drinking alcohol on the day before your visit can make you feel unnaturally dehydrated thereby hampering your sauna experience considerably.
  • Drink Lots of Water: Alcohol is a big no-no but water is not. Rather, it is advisable that you keep yourself properly hydrated before you enter the room. You need to treat your sauna visit like an extremely sweaty workout, however. Drinking copious amounts of water is a ‘must do’ activity before you go in for the experience therefore.
  • No Phones Please : Smart phones are strictly prohibited from the rooms because the infrared rays could actually mess with your phone’s hardware. While some spots offer Netflix or Live TV, it is better that you opt for a total digital ban and completely detoxify yourself by disconnecting.
  • Sit Straight and Wear Loose Fitting Clothes after the Session: While lying down and relaxing is just fine, it is recommended that you actually sit up straight to enjoy the best benefits obtained in sauna rooms. Also, post session, try to wear clothes that are a little loose fitting because you may continue to sweat even after the session and tight clothes will make you all the more uncomfortable. Make sure that you wear clothes that are breathable.

Apart from the things stated above, you also need to know that you must schedule your sessions as per your needs and allow at least 15 minutes, post session for the body