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Things to take care in the last 3 months of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a long tenure of nine months and keeping everything in track and taking every step carefully can really be tiring to maintain.

But one has to be most careful when they reach the third trimester in pregnancy. The third trimester shopping list contains fewer things about the mother but more about the baby because the baby will be arriving soon. Mothers only need to wear comfortable enough clothes and use things that are skin friendly and eat things that will not arise any complications.

There are also certain things that one needs to be careful of when they reach the last leg of pregnancy.

  • If you are trying to have the last vacation with your partner before welcoming the baby, then you need to consider the distance that you want to travel. Always ask your gynaecologist that how far is safe for you. Most doctors may allow one to travel by air if there is not particular complication but taking very long vacation can be a bit problematic.
  • At the last leg of pregnancy the woman should set aside a time to count kicks on an everyday basis. There are many technological tools available these days which record all the movements and track the history of the regular activity of the baby inside.
  • One may find it very hard to get a comfortable position right now, but if they can try to stay off their back it is better in the third trimester. It is said that the weight of a pregnant woman’s uterus can reduce the blood flow to the uterus and the foetus. Experts recommend that pregnant women in their third trimester should always try to sleep on their side if possible.
  • Many pregnant women might get a bit swollen at the last 3 months of their pregnancy and this may concentrate more on the hands, feet and the face. This swelling is also known as preeclampsia. The other symptoms of preeclampsia can be shortness of breath, blurred vision, high blood pressure, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes, it can be life threatening and so one should always consult a doctor for this.
  • If one is having period like cramps and back pain, which may or may not be contractions before 37th weeks of pregnancy then one should immediately call the doctor. It could be a sign that one is experiencing pre term labour.
  • There are many working women and they can easily go to their offices until their due dates but if their work includes a lot of physical labour then it has to be stopped and one should take a proper maternity leave for that.
  • Also for most pregnant women physical relationship is also allowed till the third trimester. But not at the last few weeks of delivery. It can be harmful for the baby.

One can also make a proper shopping list during pregnancy keeping in mind what are essential for both the mother and the baby.