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Tips for Dealing With Heartburn and Infections During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases in the life of a woman. The joy of being able to bring a new life on this Earth, the excitement and curiosity of thinking about the soon-to-be-born baby are all the positive emotions an expecting mother can have during this time. But, pregnancy comes with its fair share of side-effects and symptoms. Pregnant women often have to deal with health complications like heartburns and infections during this time, and the following are some tips and tricks to deal with them.

What is a Heartburn?

Heartburn is the term given to the phenomenon when the digested food and stomach acids are sometimes forcefully and unknowingly driven up the food pipe near the lungs. The acids create a burning sensation near the chest area, hence it is called a heartburn. Although it is safe to take heartburn meds during pregnancy, there are also some other ways to counter it.

Heartburn occurs during pregnancy often, because progesterone, the hormone, which is responsible for relaxing the abdominal muscles during pregnancy to allow the womb to expand. It also ends up loosening the sphincter, which prevents the stomach acids from flowing back upwards towards the mouth. It can be prevented by:

Eating small meals – Small meals help to keep the stomach contents at a low level, preventing accidental overflow upwards.

Sipping water – Sipping water slowly not only prevents heartburn, but also slowly neutralizes the stomach acids.

Avoiding lying down after a meal – Lying down immediately after a meal prevents the natural closing of the sphincter in the stomach, so it is best avoided. Instead one should walk or at least stay seated upright.

Being slow – As weird as it may sound, one of the best ways to prevent heartburn is to take everything slow and steady, in order to avoid the stomach fluids from moving around too much, and causing an accidental spill up, over into the food pipe.

Antacids – Although it rarely becomes this severe, upon regular attacks of heartburn, a mild antacid may be considered to counter the actions of the stomach acids and thus soothing the burning sensation in the chest area.

Aside from heartburns, a pregnant woman may also face certain infections, mainly in the respiratory tract. This can be aggravated by the heartburn itself. Also, various vaginal infections may also occur during pregnancy, especially during the later stages, with the discharge of various fluids, as the body gets prepared to give birth to the baby. But, expecting mothers can rest assured that they and their yet unborn child will be completely healthy. The chances of transfer of the infection from the mother to the foetus are almost nil, and also, nowadays, various types of pregnancy infections medicine is readily available on the market, and they work very well in curing the infection in a short span of time.

Thus, although various problems may arise during pregnancy, modern medicine has made it incredibly easy to tackle those problems, thus allowing the mother to be safe and also making it easier for her to give birth to a perfectly healthy child.

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