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Gone are the days when couples used to sit for the traditional dinners at their wedding. In the greying years, the availability of options is growing just like anything. If you are planning to get married soon, you should definitely look for all the available options. It doesn’t means that, couples don’t love to go for the traditional wedding but the inclusion of other options make the wedding so interesting.

There are different available options and one of the highly popular options is the cocktail party. Soon after the introduction of the cocktail party, nobody thought that it could be a style of the wedding. But actually, the cocktail party has given a boon to the different wedding style and people are going for the same. Just like a traditional wedding party, you have to do some efforts tomake your wedding special but still, it is somewhat easier to arrange than the traditional wedding.

  • A cocktail party is basically easy to affordable, very glamorous and one can have a lot of fun in it. If you are planning to have the wedding soon and you are planning for the cocktail party, you should know a lot about it. If you have earlier arranged the same, it won’t be that difficult for you but if you are doing it for the first time, trust me it will be a rollercoaster ride for you. But we can made you ride less difficult and more enjoyable with the below-mentioned tips. Let us know more about the tips on how to plan the cocktail party wedding reception.
  • There is a huge difference between the cocktail party and traditional party which is, you will not find any sort of round tables which can accommodate 8-10 people. The seating style of the cocktail party is exactly different from the traditional wedding party. In comparison to mingle, the vibe the cocktail party is simpler. There is no need to accommodate people on the huge tables. You can simply use coffee tables, low sofas with side tables, small but tall tables along with stools.
  • In comparison with a traditional wedding reception, the meal is also different in cocktail parties. Rather than whole meals, the cocktail party must include the food with the small bites or finger food. If you don’t have any idea, you can get help from the professionals for ProCocktails. They will do all the efforts to make your party special.
  • Lastly, there is a huge difference between the wedding attire of traditional weddings as well as cocktail parties. In the later ones, brides can wear interesting dresses with interesting jewellery whereas, in the former ones, the bride has to wear the full fledge gown or something similar.