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Top 3 Travel Insurance Plans for a Trip Abroad

Travelling to an international destination can be a thrilling experience. Now, you would not of course want an unforeseen event to interfere with your holiday or the trip abroad.  So, to ensure that your excursion remains undisrupted, you should purchase a good travel insurance plan. These days, you can readily compare travel insurance online on fingertips and purchase a plan that is relevant to your needs.

So, which are the most commonly-searched travel insurance plans? Here are the top 3 that you must certainly pay attention to.

  1. Overseas Travel Insurance

If you want to travel overseas, then you should definitely take an international travel insurance to protect against contingencies that you may encounter during the journey, such as, misplaced passport, sudden illness, loss of luggage, personal accident, etc. Necessary medical tests will be required if you are an applicant. Medical report validity is up to 30 days from the day the tests get conducted.

  • Student Travel Insurance Overseas

The prospect of studying abroad can be indeed exciting. To keep up the spirits and to ensure safety during your travel overseas for studies, you can take a student travel insurance scheme. Any student between 18 years and 35 years can avail this insurance plan. Necessary medical tests are required if any adverse health declaration is made on the proposal form. Certain insurance-providers may reimburse the test charges of up to 50%.

It is usually a two-year plan that compensates for loss of passport, medical expenses, baggage loss/delay, and personal accident. Along with these covers, you will be entitled to receive:

  • Reimbursement of unused tuition fee if you are unable to continue the studies for the remaining part of a semester, under conditions such as:

A) If you are hospitalized for more than a month due to a sickness/terminal illness/covered injury.

B) If there is an accidental death of an immediate family member.

  • Reimbursement of tuition fee incurred up to the specified maximum limit for the remaining period of education in case of permanent disablement or accidental death of your sponsor.
  • Schengen Travel Insurance

This insurance plan is for customers who travel on a Schengen visa (for leisure or business) to Europe. It takes care for expenses and losses caused due to any unforeseen event during your vacation. Age eligibility for Schengen travel insurance for adults is between 18 years to 70 years, and for children, it is between 6 months and 25 years.

Coverage under this insurance scheme is for following scenarios:

  • Medical expenses due to sickness or accident during travelling
  • Checked in baggage loss/delay
  • Compensation against legal liability from third party civil claims such as accidental property damage or accidental injury
  • Compensation for obtaining a temporary or duplicate passport overseas
  • Worldwide coverage against permanent total disablement or accidental death when abroad
  • Assistance to coordinate with insured’s family
  • Expenses incurred on trip curtailment/cancellation/delay, etc.

The above-mentioned are some of the common travel insurance plans will surely keep you safe during a trip abroad. You should definitely consider these overseas travel insurance plans to ease your education, business, and leisure activities.