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Top Medical Products for Care of the Aged and the Elderly

Senior citizens always need assistance with daily activities especially in terms of maintaining good personal hygiene, better health, and for rendering care. Some devices help them out and can be used for their daily routine. Here are some of the top medical products that are in vogue among the aged and the elderly.

  1. Adult Diapers

These constitute a popular hygiene product for seniors as they are important for any senior’s daily routine. The seniors need to have reliable, easy-to-use adult diapers that are a huge part of all adult incontinence products. Some brands are more affordable compared to others with indicators of whether they need to change their diaper. These are easy to use, have leak barriers and are comfortable like their underwear.

If you choose to use absorbent diaper brands, you need to choose products from well-known portals and equipment suppliers. Safety and Mobility aged care equipment suppliers are one of the well-known portals that house adult diapers that guarantee maximum odour control along with a host of other things. These diapers help the aged with sensitive skin.

The prices for every diaper brand varies depending on quality, quantity, absorbency level, size, and diaper type.

  1. Sensors & Monitoring Equipment

Seniors focus on aging mostly, but one would need some remote monitoring equipment to keep them safer in their spaces. Along with monitoring, in-home sensors can help track their routine behaviour patterns and even notify medical professionals about the potential risks involved in their habits.

The elderly who are suffering from some maladies can wear wearable devices, which monitor vital signs. These devices also alert doctors about any change in their bodily functions and patterns. One can connect sensors throughout the home so that any fall in their space can activate motion sensors or buzz on when they miss a dose of medication.

  1. Nail Clippers

The elderly often struggle with their limbs and cannot actually rely on their ability to control other items. It helps to have nail hygiene products catering to their needs especially nail clippers that can help them clip their nails. These clippers have better grip facility for seniors especially those that can be suctioned onto another surface, which makes it easier for seniors to push down their nails on the nail clipper to clip their long and dirty nails. Some long nail clippers can be used to clip their toenails too.

  1. Hair Brushes with Long Handles

Brushing your hair could be a hassle for the elderly. They usually lack energy to use the hair brush and pull and brush hair efficiently. Long-handled brushes can be really helpful for them to take care of their own hair on a regular basis with less effort.

  1. Patient Engagement Tools

Some medical experts are not sure if the elderly would be keen to use patient engagement apps and tools. But there are many aged and elderly people who are keen to enrich their knowledge through portals, especially about health topics that concern them.

One can choose mobile apps that can benefit them. Apps like Voice Reading can help them with those struggling to see well. Some apps improve engagement through games while some apps help in their chronic condition management, obesity, and the like.

  1. Denture Adhesive

Seniors could find dentures do not lock itself in place in their mouth and hence would need a good denture adhesive, especially of a well-known brand like Super Poligrip or Seabond.

Choose a denture adhesive that can continue to have a strong hold all day and can restrict getting food getting stuck in between dental plates consistently. These adhesives also prevent gum soreness. Some non-water soluble adhesives can soak saliva and other liquids without affecting the impact of the adhesive.

  1. Rash Spray

Seniors seldom suffer from incontinence, and even if they wear diapers or pads, rash protection is still necessary. If the undergarments are not changed or they have fallen asleep in that condition, they could develop harmful rashes. Choose creams and rash sprays that can help in removing those rashes.