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Traveling Like a Pro: 5 More Tips and Tricks

In a previous article, we talked about how you can start your own travel vlog and produce great content for the audience. Traveling becomes more rewarding when you add the fact that you can get feedback from the audience with every video you post.

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That said, traveling while vlogging is not the easiest thing to do. To make the whole experience more pleasant, you need to travel like a pro. There are a lot of ways you can do that, and we are going to talk about five tips and tricks to get you started right away.


One of the hassles to deal with when you travel is checking your luggage in. Not only do you have to arrive early and check the luggage, but you also need to wait for the luggage to show up on the carousel when you arrive at the destination.

There are several things you can do to make things simpler. You can choose to travel light and use a smaller case or backpack for everything you need to carry. This means no more checking bags in and an easier time when traveling in general.

Alternatively, you can buy made to order luggage to use whenever you travel. Personalizing the luggage certainly makes finding yours on the carousel easier, especially when you use bright colors and unique patterns.

Travel-Friendly Look

How you dress for the trip – particularly for the flight – matters too. Rather than trying to look your best, it is always better to dress comfortably when you are traveling. Don’t worry about putting on accessories or using high heels; stick with comfortable shoes and loose fashion pieces to make things simpler.

You can also avoid certain things, including metal fashion accessories and pieces that need to be taken off when going through airport security. Make sure your daypack or carry-on also has a slot for your smartphone and other devices. It is a simple trick to use, but it’s the kind of trick that makes life easier when you travel.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Packing your own entertainment is the best way to go. While airlines now offer great in-flight entertainment, it is still better to have the latest TV series you want to binge-watch or a book you have always wanted to finish with you when traveling.

There will be a lot of gaps to fill during the trip. Waiting for the flight to start boarding and waiting for your hotel room while it is being prepared are the kind of gaps you can fill by keeping yourself entertained.

You don’t even have to carry around a lot of books or a dedicated movie player. Your smartphone is more than enough as an entertainment center. You can also opt for an iPad or the Kindle. Just make sure you have enough battery to last the entire flight.

As mentioned before, these are simple tips you can apply right away. With these tips, however, you can travel like a pro and still vlog at some of the best destinations in the world without the usual hassle.