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Trekking for Beginners: Plan Your Journey with Peace

Mountains have always been of prime importance, be it while drawing scenery, be it for regulating the temperature, or be it for adventurous trekking. Trekking is a growing adventurous sport from the past decade.

Along with the prominence of the sport increases the life risks of the people going for the adventurous sport. Although the risks are not meant to stop you from experiencing that adrenaline rush, you can surely take the necessary precautions for the same.

With a trekking travel insurance in your pocket, you can assure that you need not spend any extra money for the treatment of the injuries incurred during the sport (if any). Also, such covers give you financial protection against the potential accidents that might occur while trekking.

Why should you Buy Specialized Insurance Policies for Trekking?

The risks involved in trekking varies from the altitude until which you climb. Apart from the dangers of falling, accidents due to the wrong choice of clothes and accessories, you could face the risks of loss of breath and other health issues on high altitudes. If you choose for experienced guides for your trekking, they would suggest insuring your trip without fail.

The standard insurance policies do not cover you against strenuous sports activities. Leading financial providers like Bajaj Finserv offers uniquely tailored pocket insurance policies including the trekking travel insurance. This cover ensures that you can enjoy your trekking as well as keep your pockets happy.

Features and Benefits of a Trek Insurance from Bajaj Finserv

Immediate Assistance

If you are stranded in between your trekking trip without any money, you can avail immediate money up to Rs 1 lakh in India and Rs 1 lakh and 80 thousand abroad.

Loss of Cards

In case you lose your credit card, debit card, or any other card while on the trekking trip, you can intimate the incident to your financial provider. Within a few hours, all your lost cards will be blocked eliminating the risks of misuse of your valuables.

Comprehensive Coverage

With the hiking insurance, you get a comprehensive coverage against accidental hospitalization charges, personal accidents, trip cancellation, bounced hotel bookings, loss of baggage, and home burglary of up to Rs 3 lakhs.

Documentation Replacement

If you lose your documents that are essential for your trip or way back to your home, you can contact your insurance company and get an immediate replacement of such documents.

Single Membership Policy

This cover requires a single membership premium of as low as Rs 699 per annum. This membership policy not only reduces the cost of your coverage but also makes the complete policy application procedure hassle-free.

What are the Benefits of a Membership Coverage?

  • The membership coverage aids in blocking you misplaced credit or debit cards.
  • If you are abroad (outside Indian boundaries) during any financial loss, you can get immediate financial assistance up to Rs 1,80,000.
  • f you lose your belongings or go out of money within the Indian boundaries, you can avail immediate financing up to Rs 1,00,000. However, you need to repay this interest-free sum once you return from the trip within 28 days of availing the money.
  • In some specified cities, you can avail smartphone replacement if you lose yours. But, you need to return them after the trip.
  • Complimentary add-on personal accident cover up to Rs 3,00,000 includes the costs of baggage loss.
  • You can avail immediate cash of Rs 5000 for the basic expenses.
  • The insurance company covers the cost of replacing documents.

What is excluded from the Plan?

If you lose your baggage or other valuables while you are intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs, no coverage will be provided under the trekking travel insurance.