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Try Tour Take on Momos

Momos have become very popular in all the parts of India. One can have a plateful of momo from a street side vendor or from a Tibetan restaurant. You can also make them at home. Here are some popular varieties of momos.

Fried Momos

These are the crispy momos which has a lovely texture and are filled with some sauté vegetables or minced meats. Then they are deep fried till they turn golden brown. One can dip them into some garlic mayonnaise and then taste this amazing thing.

Tandoori Momos

This is as we often know an Indianised version of Tibetan momos. This one is loved by everyone. Also the things are grilled and so those who are health conscious can also gorge on this. The rich flavour of these momos is definitely a treat to the taste buds.

Steamed Momos

They are the thickly wrapped momos which are mainly stuffed with seasonal vegetables, paneer or soya chunks. One can also fill them up with boiled chunks of meat. Pair them with a bowl of hot chicken broth or vegetable broth and they taste amazing.

Chocolate Momos

If you are a chocolate fanatic and want chocolates in everything then this one is perfect for you. It is a dessert item in momos where the dumplings have some sweet chocolate fillings and those who are in love with chocolates; this is an absolute delight to them.


Do you love spices in everything and hot and fiery is your thing? Then try this momo. Here, the momos are sauté’ well with some chilli sauce and soya sauce. This is an exclusive fusion of momos where your taste buds can get the touch of spice in every bite.


If you are travelling to the Himalayan region then this variation of momo is seen to be served there. They are mainly pan fried and it can come with a variety of fillings like meat, pork and vegetables. But the unique taste of these momos is because of the fried ginger. They are not only tasty but very healthy.

Wheat Momos

If you are very health conscious and strict about what you eat, this can be your take on momos. This is an entire plate of goodness which can fill your stomach and there will be no guilt as well. Here the momo wraps are made from grinded wheat and one can serve either hot sauce or mint chutney with this.

Soup Momos

This one is perfect for the winter. We all know that soup gives us the feeling of warmth and cosiness. So how about making the combination of soup and momos? Here the momos are dipped in warm bowl of soup of your choice. It can be hot, tangy or spicy. This one is very filling and full of goodness.

Cheese Momos

They are very creamy and filled with carrots, fried onions and minced meats. The best part is it has oodles of cheese.

One can also try fish momos if they are an ardent lover of fish. There are many momo recipes in Hindi to try at home.

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